Samsung Galaxy S5 Launch – Everything You Need to Know

samsung galaxy s5The Samsung Galaxy S5 is officially available in 125 countries today and it’s quite similar to its predecessor, the Galaxy S4. With features like a fingerprint scanner, heart rate monitor, improved camera, and a 5.1in Super AMOLED 1920 x 1080 pixel display, the Galaxy S5 is a real contender for one of the best smartphones of 2014


“We’ve decided to go back to basics with the Galaxy S5 and focus on the features and things that matter the most to our customers – namely the camera, ability to view and download data and content quickly and their health and well-being,” said Simon Stanford, Vice President of IT & Mobile division, Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland. “People want a smartphone that enhances and enables their mobile life. The Galaxy S5 represents just that, and we’re excited to see the response to our latest flagship smartphone device.” Stanford has high hopes for the Galaxy S5 and so do we. Let’s break down what you need to know for the S5.


Design & Features

“The Galaxy S5 blends iconic Samsung design with modern trends to appeal to a range of consumer tastes and interests” – That’s the official line via Samsung. The camera has evolved to give clearer, faster snaps. The fitness-tracking abilities of the S5 are enhanced over the Galaxy S4 by packing in a more powerful S Health app and a dedicated heart rate monitor on the rear. Because of the addition of the fingerprint scanner, the S5 is considered to be the most secure Galaxy phone ever made.


The S5 measures 142 by 72.5 by 8.1mm, and weighs 145g. That’s actually 15g heavier compared to the S4, and a little thicker too. Samsung also revealed that the S5 is IP67 water & dust resistant like the Sony Xperia Z range, this makes it much more durable.


Samsung says the overall design of the new Galaxy S5 is “glam” and will be available in a range of colors including Charcoal Black, Shimmery White, Electric Blue, and Copper Gold.


Specs & Hardware

samsung galaxy s5 specsSamsung has bumped up the processing power. We’re looking at a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core chip clocked at 2.5GHz quad-core CPU with 2GB of RAM, a 2800mAh (removable) battery and an upgraded Adreno GPU. Internal storage is set at 16/32GB (with up to 128GB expandable through microSD).


It also features an ultra-low power mode, which Samsung reckons can last 24 hours with only 10% of your battery left. It does this by turning the screen black and white, severely limiting the apps you can use and generally turning the wick down on everything it can.


Other noteworthy additions include super-fast connectivity with global LTE support and Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac HT80, MIMO (2×2). Samsung has also included something called “download booster” which leverages both LTE and Wi-Fi connections to speed up sizeable downloads of over 30MB.



The Samsung Galaxy S5 includes a whole host of image functionality and comes equipped with a 16MP rear camera and 2MP front camera. The camera shoots 4K video at 30fps! This flagship smartphone also features a “reflector-integrated flash LED.” This allows for better daylight and nighttime photos, a wider field of view, and ensures all persons in a photo are illuminated by the flash (not just those in the center).

samsung galaxy s5 camera 4k

Fingerprint Scanner

Biometrics is predicted to be an essential smartphone feature moving forward.  Apple and Samsung are once again leading the charge on this front. Similar to the iPhone 5s, the Samsung Galaxy S5 features a fingerprint scanner. Unlike Apple’s TouchID, however, Samsung’s fingerprint scanner will be open for mobile payments (via PayPal) from the get-go, as well as providing a quick and easy way to safely and securely unlock the handset.


Samsung has clearly outdone itself with the Galaxy S5 with improvements on all aspects – larger capacity battery, bigger and brighter screen, powerful camera, and improved processor. If you’re a Samsung fan, then you’ll definitely enjoy the newest addition to the Samsung family.


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