Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs That Will Never Come to Fruition—And Other S4 Rumors Debunked

Ever since the Galaxy S line hit 50 million sales in 2012, Samsung has been respected as a heavyweight in the smartphone arena. When the Galaxy S3 was first announced, the Internet was set ablaze with rumors, leaked images, spec predictions, and dreamy wish lists—and Samsung’s upcoming S4 is making an even bigger impact, dominating the tech world and consumer gadget websites with news of its impending release.


With so many people thirsty for new information about Samsung S4 specs, it is inevitable that a few recently speculated features and release dates have turned out to be nothing but a mirage. While we wait for Samsung’s newest flagship to finally debut later this year, here are 4 Samsung S4 rumors we can safely dismiss at this point.


  1. The Galaxy S4 Will Not Have a Flexible, Unbreakable Screen
    Possibly everyone’s favorite and most hoped for feature, it’s unfortunately certain now that the S4, while having an incredibly sharp 1080p display, will not have a futuristic screen that can be twisted, stretched, pulled, and dropped like a high tech rubber ball. Tech Radar has the news here, credited to a source from the Verge. Although it’s rumored that the flexible screen technology will be debuted at CES in Las Vegas later this month, you won’t be seeing it attached to Samsung’s newest Galaxy smartphone, at least not this year.
  2. Samsung Won’t Be Releasing the S4 Before May 2013
    While most people knew at this point to not expect a first quarter 2013 release, rumors abounded that April would see the newest Galaxy hit the open market. But according to Ubergizmo, Samsung has officially stated that May 2013 would be the absolute earliest for a projected launch date, with many people anticipating a push until even later in the year.
  3. The Current Leaked Image of the S4 Will Not Likely Be its Final Form
    Gizbot reports that a Samsung official has confirmed that a leaked image of the S4 is in fact genuine, but reminds everyone that many images of the Galaxy S3 popped up on the web in the months preceding its release, with many of them not truly resembling the final product. A larger display is expected of the S4, which the image confirms, but it’s probably wise to heed Gizbot’s advice and look at the photo as one possible link in the developmental chain that will ultimately give birth to the next Galaxy S.
  4.  The Galaxy S4 Will Be Available at CES 2013, but Only to Certain Executives
    Citing Samsung’s penchant for giving each Galaxy S its own specialized debut, most people were hopeful but not expectant for an S4 demo to be at Las Vegas’ CES for 2013. And while that’s still going to hold true for all of the masses in attendance, Phone Arena has recently confirmed that a prototype of the Galaxy S4 will be shown at CES this year, just under lock-and-key, and only available for the eyes of a few choice executives. The rest of us will still have to wait until spring before we get an official look at the real product, but the fact that a demo will be available this month makes us more confident in the possibility of a May 2013 release.

Samsung’s Galaxy S line has always been known for its hardware durability, and hopefully the S4 specs won’t disappoint as it continues that trend. But if you’re concerned about the prospect of your new Galaxy taking a hard fall, or offering too tempting of a target to a pickpocket, our smartphone insurance can give you piece of mind, and guarantee that your Samsung will be with you as you await the release of the Galaxy S5 and beyond.


Photo Credit: Matt Erasmus

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