Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date

Recent rumors suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S4 release date would be announced early at the CES 2013 conference. As we all know, often times rumors stay just that, as is the case today.


What actually happened with the Galaxy S4 at CES 2013

The S4 was not present at CES for the general masses, but was rumored to be there behind closed doors where A list attendees could take a first look, and some of its possible features were discussed. (Sorry Ben, I guess you didn’t make the cut while at CES!) So when and where will the fabled Samsung Galaxy S4 surface for non-A listers?


Samsung website lists mysterious model number

GT-i9500… could this be a bait and switch? This new model number was introduced on the Samsung website, but no reference to a Galaxy S4 was mentioned. Maybe this is Samsung testing the waters to see if this GT-i9500 is worthy of the Galaxy S4 moniker. The Galaxy line has become the flagship model for Samsung, so maybe this trickery is being used to add curiosity and mysticism around the highly anticipated model.


Could this be a leaked Galaxy S4 image?

Possible leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy S IV Smartphone Prototype

Could this be the New Galaxy S IV? Rumor has it that this leaked image is the smartphone's prototype.

While Samsung appears to have confirmed the new gadget through a leaked image of the S4 prototype, the Samsung Galaxy S4 release date is still without an official announcement, experts agree that this model won’t launch before May, what still isn’t clear is what Samsung has up its sleeves in the technology department that will make the next Galaxy S4 a worthy successor of the Galaxy line.

Image via Google Images.

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