Samsung Galaxy S4 Price Rumors Unleashed

Is the Galaxy S4 pricing set to follow the same patterns as the Galaxy S3?

We all remember the fanfare and excitement around Samsung’s Galaxy S3 release in May of last year.  By September of 2012 Samsung sold over 20 million units – At one point, sales were even reaching over 200,000 per day according to Mashable.  Price became a major factor for the Galaxy S3 as it competed with other devices. When Google unveiled the Nexus 4, fully loaded with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, the latest operating system at the time, they did so at a fraction of the price of the S3. Smartphone users could get almost the same specifications of the S3 in the more affordable Nexus 4,  allowing the newer device to attract some of the potential S3 buyers looking for a more economical option.

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Will the new Samsung Galaxy SIV price break the bank? Protect Your Bubble investigates price rumors.

So far, the Galaxy S4 release has followed similar patterns to the Galaxy S3; both devices were rumored for CES releases, but skipped making a full appearance at the conference. There are plenty of rumors out on the market about what features the new phone will display (see which S4 rumors Protect Your Bubble has already debunked), making the Galaxy S4 sound like a great step in innovation, just like its S3 predecessor. How many of those features will be overshadowed by the Samsung Galaxy S4 price? Will the S4 follow the same price struggle as the S3?


Off Contract Price Rumors

The S3’s breakout price in May of 2012 was $800 off contract, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 price isn’t expected to fall far from the tree. The general price consensus on the web places the Galaxy SIV price at around £499 (according to ExpertReviews) or $799 – $850 USD.  While historic and current behavior seem to have Galaxy S4 following the same trends as the S3, Samsung could go for a more competitive price to help the new smartphone beat out other devices hitting the market, including the expected Apple iPhone 6.


In Contract Price Rumors

You can pick up an S3 today in the US, on contract with the major carriers, for around $199.  While no pricing has been confirmed for the Galaxy SIV, GottabeMobile has placed a bet for on-contract S4 pricing to be a similar $199.99, though some sites speculate pricing as high as $260 with a two year contract. Price ultimately will depend on carrier negotiated rebates and new product launch deals.


Pricing and fanfare are the name of the game when it comes to new product releases for high end devices like the S4. Though all speculation revolves around Galaxy S4 pricing rumors for now, Protect Your Bubble will continue to look at rumors to bring you the latest in news on the highly awaited SIV.


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