5 Notable Rumors Surrounding the iPhone 5s/iPhone 6


Apple has been releasing succeeding generations of the iPhone at least one every year. Since the release of the iPhone 5 September last year, many have been holding out on the iPhone 5 because they are waiting for the next release. No one has the final word yet on whether Apple will be releasing the next iPhone 5s or iPhone 6. We at Protect Your Bubble have put together 5 notable rumors surrounding Apple’s latest gem:



  1. There have been several predictions regarding the specs but the look of it is  xpected to be somewhat similar to the iPhone 5 which led to most people believing that Apple will be releasing the rumored iPhone 5s next. It will have the same shell with slightly improved technical specs and cheaper materials which can help Apple get higher margins than the iPhones released earlier. It will look like an improved iPhone 5 since the rumored iPhone 5s/6 will have different colors like the recently released 5th generation iPod Touch.
  2. This next iPhone is rumored to have the latest technology for its camera, battery and screen. Apple already knows that the camera is one of the most important parts of a smartphone and that is why they are said to be putting a 12-megapixel iSight
  3. camera. It is an up from the 8-megapixel iSight camera of the iPhone 5. To match with this, the flash is said to be improved as well.
  4. As for the battery, current iPhone users have been asking for a longer battery life of their iPhones and Apple might answer their request with an improved battery of the iPhone 5s or iPhone 6. There will definitely be a longer battery life for the next iPhone.
  5. Finally, for the screen, Apple will also have an improvement for its resolution and touch capabilities. If the touch response now is not fast enough, it will be faster and better for the iPhone5s or iPhone 6.
  6. Of course, this next iPhone will have the iOS 7 which will be released officially together with this new iPhone. There are also rumors for higher memory capacity, NFC, wireless charging and an A7 processor. If this next iPhone will truly have all these specs, Apple will surely end up at the top and at the front in the smartphone race.


Reports have stated that the planned release for the rumored iPhone 5s/6 is on the latter part of 2013. As it gets nearer, we get to have a better and clearer picture of what Apple will be releasing. Whether it is the iPhone 5s or iPhone 6, the expectation is set that this will beat all the existing smartphones currently in the market.


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