Renting a Car for Spring Break? Our Top 5 Road Trip Tips

Spring is in the air and for some people, warmer weather usually means taking a road trip. Often, with a rental car to save the miles and wear and tear on your vehicle. Whether you’re road tripping it to the beach for some fun in the sun with your closest friends or taking a trip to visit family in another state, spring break is one of the most popular traveling times of the year.


While you are obsessing over what to pack and who is going to watch your pets, don’t forget to think about Spring Break safety.  Protect Your Bubble has taken some of the stress off your shoulders by supplying the top 5 Spring Break road trip rental car tips:


  1. Don’t just rely on your GPS.  A lot of times, smart phones aren’t so smart and they can drop service when you need them the most.  When taking a road trip this spring, back up all directions with handwritten notes instead of just assuming your GPS will help you the entire drive.
  2. Safety first. Don’t just pack your favorite outfits. Make sure you have essential safety equipment such as road flares, blankets, extra water, a jack and bolt removers, and a first aid kit. These items don’t take up much room but they sure can come in handy in emergencies.
  3. Be picky about your rental car. If you aren’t accustomed to driving a large vehicle, don’t rent one. The last thing you want is to have an accident because you are driving in a vehicle you aren’t comfortable driving.  Better to be safe than sorry.
  4.  Don’t get stuck. Roadside assistance programs can literally save you if your vehicle breaks down on the side of the road. Don’t hesitate to sign up for the roadside assistance program that best fits your needs and budget.
  5. Protect yourself. Rental car insurance should be a logical choice for any road tripper. Here at Protect Your Bubble, we are a rental car insurance brand that offers low costs at only $7.99 a day for damage and theft of vehicle insurance as well as primary collision coverage up to $35,000 with zero deductibles. For more information and to get a fast quote, visit our Protect Your Bubble’s rental car insurance page.

Safe travels this spring break!

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