Renters Tips—Reducing Cold Weather Risks

Believe it or not, house fires are actually more common during the winter than in any other season, as reported by the US Fire Administration. This is due to the fact that people will inevitably use their fireplaces and heating equipment to stay warm. While it is generally safe to use these heaters, some people do not practice safety measures when using them. This is true among renters who believe that their property is covered by their landlord’s insurance.


It is good to know that fire incidents are very costly and this can be more expensive when there is no renters insurance. Renters’ insurance is a great way to protect the property in times of dangers like theft, damage, and other catastrophes. In fact, there are insurance companies that offer full coverage on valuable items. In addition, consumers can get policies that provide further protection on items such as furniture, jewelry, collectibles, and many more.


With the benefits of renters insurance, it is no wonder why many landlords require renters to have it. It makes sense for protecting the property and the renters themselves.


Here are some easy tips you can implement to help reduce property dangers this winter:

  1. The temperature of the house should never go below 55 degrees.
  2. Since there are more cases of fire during the winter, it is best to test the smoke alarm to ensure proper functionality. Along with it, be sure that the chimneys are clean especially when a fireplace is to be used.
  3. The water lines can freeze so be sure to keep faucets slightly dripping to help prevent bursting pipes.  Additionally, gutters should be cleaned thoroughly to avoid any clogs.

These tips can not only save on expenses, but can keep the renters and the property itself in good condition this winter.  But for more information on renters insurance, visit protectyourbubble for more information and a free quote.

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