Got a Rental Car “OOPS!” Story to Share? Submit to Win an iPad Mini

Have you had an “OOPS!” moment during a business trip or vacation with your rental car? Maybe your rental got impounded, booted, scratched, stolen or hit. If so (and you can laugh about it now!) we want to hear about it.


Tell us about your “Rental Car ‘OOPS!’ Story” in the comments below for the chance to win an iPad Mini. Whichever story gets the most votes wins!

Submit Your Story in 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Share your story in the comments section of this blog post below (give your story a fun title)
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  4. The person with the story with the most votes – by June 30, 2013 – wins an iPad Mini


“Protect Your Bubble would like to congratulate our winner, Julie, with her “Oopsy Poopsy” story. Congrats, Julie!”

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Now, a few official house rules:

In submitting your story, you are stating that your story is true and accurate, and you are giving Protect Your Bubble the right to share your story online (keeping your identity anonymous of course).

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  • Derrik Filippo

    Talk of the Town
    I had a rental car for a couple of months while I was in Brazil. About a week after I got the car I noticed the plastic guard underneath the front bumper was starting to sag lower and lower, eventually getting to the point where it would scrape the road anywhere I went making a very loud (and annoying noise). After every trip I would get down on my hands and knees and “adjust” the guard so that it wasn’t sagging anymore. But, eventually, during my next drive the guard would work its way loose and start dragging again. As I drove through the little town I was staying in people would turn and stare at me as I drove by. At one point I even came up behind a motorcyclist who kept looking at his rear tire to see if he had something caught in the spokes, being unable to determine what was causing the noise he pulled off the road and I drove past as my wife slowly sunk down in the passenger’s seat. I ended up using my Leatherman to work the guard loose enough I could pull it off, where I threw it in the trunk.

    • Jenny

      Great story! Too funny about the poor biker.

      Thanks for sharing Derrik,
      Jenny with Protect Your Bubble

  • Julie

    Oopsy Poopsy: I rented my first rental car when I was 21 and was going on a road trip with friends. One of my older friends brought her child with her and her six year old really had to go just when we hit a 20 mile stretch of nice country road with absolutely no rest stops. We left the car to go let her kid go on the side of the road, and we failed to see a little dirt road where we parked the car. Some guy comes barrelling down the road and totals our car. Everyone was okay, but it was just a crazy crazy day.

    • Jenny

      Oh no! I hope you guys had toilet paper in the car with you. :)

      Jenny with Protect Your Bubble

  • deanna hanson

    when we opened the trunk to our rental car there was this huge hairy spider but after we freaked out 1st , we went to kill it and it disappeared and we couldn’t find it, we were freaking out cause we didn’t want to put all of our stuff in there and have the spider crawl into our luggage and coats and stuff. so we finally went back inside and told the gal why we needed a new rental car. she thought it was so funny but she gave us a new one anyways.

    • Jenny


      SO glad you got a new rental – too funny.

      Thanks for the story,
      Jenny with PYB

  • Hadas Bernstein

    My story happened when we rented a car for the weekend, and traveled.
    We saw may beautiful places and as always, my camera was with me.
    The memory card was full so I replaced it with the spare, and guess I dropped it in the car and didn’t notice. It had all the pictures from our lately vacation and many pictures of the kids, so you can imagine how upset I was when I found out back home that it’s lost.
    After my husband offered to look in the car, we drove to the car rental agency, and luckily the car was still there but just minutes away from being rented again.
    I found it under the front seat, couldn’t be happier when I found it!
    Now I always backup my photos, even twice, and the entire family making fun of me every time my husband tells the story…
    Thank god this story has a good ending; otherwise it would have been a car rental trauma for life…

    • Jenny

      So glad you got your memory card back. I’m sure you were sick to your stomach the whole time until you found it. Thanks for sharing!
      Jenny with PYB

  • Eileen Carlson

    On May 20, I totaled my car. State Farm (the other driver’s insurance company) arranged to have a representative from the rental car company pick me up so I could resume my life. I completed the paperwork at the office and drove home where I promptly pulled into my garage–oops, I forgot to open the door first. It was the imperfect end to an imperfect day!

    • Alyssa

      Oh no!! What an “oops” moment!

  • Melissa Mazzur

    We rented a jeep in Lanai Hawaii and rough roaded it through the Oregan Ridge. When we got back, it did not look the same. Mud! Mud Mud! We had a great time though!