Rental Car Insurance for Labor Day Weekend

Labor DayLabor Day is fast approaching, and with this weekend hiatus, we can expect more travelers than last year. AAA forecasted 34.1 million travelers this year, way higher than 2012’s 32.7M*. Traveling by car – especially a rental car – still remains the leading mode of transportation.

Every year, there are still many travelers that overlook rental car insurance until it being offered to them at the car rental facility. You may be asking yourself, “is the necessary?”


Here are 2 reasons why you should consider rental car insurance:


1. Statistics indicate that a vehicle is stolen in the United States roughly every 28 seconds.** According to the “Holiday Report of 2012”, 1,977 vehicles were reported stolen during labor day.*** Automobile thefts and break-ins are something that no driver wants to experience. Especially if you’re driving a rental car! Rental car insurance protects you from out-of-pocket expenses associated with theft, loss or damage to the vehicle.


2. Being uninsured or underinsured when involved in an accident can have significant financial  consequences. In the event you damage property of your hurt someone, you’re liable for the costs for repair and/or treatment. No matter how careful you are with your rental car, accidents do happen. With car rental insurance, you don’t carry this burden alone.


Protect Your Bubble ensures you spend your money wisely. With just $7.99 per day for rental car protection premium, you save $25, as compared to the average $35 offered by popular rental car facilities. Whether the rental gets just a minor scratch or is involved with major collision, Protect Your Bubble provides up to $35,000 collision coverage. You get the most from this deal because this rental car insurance plan serves as the primary coverage for your rental car, unlike other plans that make consumers take on the liability of filing under their auto policy first.


So what are you waiting for? Pack your suitcases and grab your camera and have a worry-free Labor Day. Safe travels!





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