Protect Your Bubble: Reporting Onsite from the NYC iPhone 5s and 5c Launch

The release of the much awaited, much talked about iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c is here. It’s the sole reason for the long lines forming at Apple’s Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan. Several images and videos have been pouring in on social media channels from around the world capturing customers lining up to buy the latest iPhone. According to Gene Munster, Apple analyst and watcher, this is Apple’s longest lineup for an iPhone device.


And Protect Your Bubble is s part of the action!


Our team is currently onsite at the NYC launch today, and can tell you that there are over a 1000 people lining up for the newest iPhone! But it’s not only customer’s filling up the store – there are just as much Apple employees ready to assist the massive crowd.


Today marks Apple’s seventh iPhone launch and the lines just continue to grow. Around the world, from China to UK to New York, people have gathered outside Apple stores for the launch of Apple’s new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.


Stay tuned as we fill you in on the fun, and enjoy our pictures below of the team chatting it up with our iPhone-crazed friends.

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