Police Office Shares Smartphone Theft Prevention Tips

Smartphone theft in the United States is very serious. Around 113 smartphones are lost or stolen every minute in the country, with Philadelphia, Seattle and Oakland high on the list of cities with high occurrence of smart phone theft.


Here to share some tips on smartphone theft prevention is Police Officer D. Hall




As Officer Hall states, you must pay extra attention to where you put your cell phone when you’re not using it. For starters, don’t just leave it on the console of your car where anyone can see it. Neither should you leave it on the seat because thieves will not think twice about breaking in to your car to get your smart phone. More importantly, always make sure that your car doors are locked. Don’t make it easy for someone to get anything from your car.


If you happen to frequent coffee shops, don’t just leave your phone on the table. The incidence of smart phone theft in coffee shops is pretty high. Anyone can just pick up your phone when you’re busy reading a book or chatting with your friend without anyone noticing it. Better put it in your bag or your purse.


Officer Hall also shares some steps you can take to get your smart phone back when it’s stolen or lost. One of them is to activate the GPS tracker of your phone. You can also use anti-theft apps to locate your phone. Find My iPhone and Android Lost are two of the most popular apps for locating a lost or stolen phone. Not only can they track the location of your phone a map, both apps allow you to remotely control the data on your device and wipe them out completely.


Another form of protection against smartphone theft is to purchase smartphone insurance. Should you fail to locate your phone, you won’t feel too bad about the loss because you can have a new phone the day after your phone is stolen following an approved claim.

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