Pick Pocket Proof Pants – An Extreme Anti-Smartphone-Theft Maneuver

Have you ever had the thought, “gee, my pants just aren’t pick pocket proof enough?” Well if so, then you’re in luck.


We at Protect Your Bubble would like to introduce you to: P^cubed – Pick-Pocket Proof Pants.


You may think I’m joking but no, these pants really exist, and that for a good reason.


Preventing Smartphone Theft: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure


Have you ever been worried about walking through a crowd, or taking extra precautions while traveling, simply because you thought your wallet, smartphone or keys would be snatched out of your pocket? Pickpockets are a real danger in our society and you’ll need just more than good senses and carefulness to prevent you from becoming a victim of smartphone theft. Especially in light of the fact that smartphone theft is a growing problem as our cellular lifelines are the ideal targets for thieves.



Pickpockets are very fast and cunning and in reality, you will not have much chance to stop them from getting to your stuff, unless you have specialized pants with the sole purpose of preventing theft.


But how do P^cubed – Pick-Pocket Proof Pants help you secure your smartphone? It’s fairly simple actually. The pants just add additional security measures to the built in pockets in form of additional hidden pockets and additional guards with buttons and zippers to protect what’s inside.


Now one could say that all of those extra security measures make your life a bit hard when trying to reach what’s inside, but that’s actually the whole point of those pants. They make reaching the pockets just a little bit harder for you so the thieves have a really hard time trying to get their hands in.


The fabric is of very high quality and the pants themselves are very comfortable, and this is what makes them ideal for traveling because you won’t feel them restricting your movements and such.


The fact that you need to carry much more when travelling makes these pants invaluable. Thanks to the many pockets, you can really carry around a lot without having to depend on bags or other external cases.


If you’re traveling a lot, looking for stylish, durable pants, and invested in protecting your beloved smartphone from theft, then consider picking up a pair of P^cubed – Pick-Pocket Proof Pants. FYI – Protect Your Bubble is not affiliated with P^cubed (we just see a LOT of claims stemming from smartphone theft and think an extra measure of protection while traveling is wicked smart).


Speaking of, you may also want to consider getting a little extra protection for your current smartphone. We at Protect Your Bubble have one of the most comprehensive insurance coverage and can help safeguard your phone against theft.

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