Keeping Your Bracket & Your Identity Safe During March Madness

march madness bracket


March Madness. It is such a fun time when the frenzy to have your bracket filled out with all of the right teams and being glued to the TV is almost an unspoken ritual. However, it could also be a scary time for individuals who get their identity stolen. With the many security breaches we have seen happen, it’s not something to be taken lightly.


Public Wi-Fi

public wifi

Protect Your Bubble has some tips for you during March Madness to keep your identity safe. If you choose to fill out a digital bracket or watch the basketball games at a local bar, be sure not to use unprotected, open access Wi-Fi, as there could be a chance of someone altering your picks or accessing personal data. Also, don’t check your bank account or use your debit card to buy team paraphernalia on open access Wi-Fi because hackers could get into your personal and financial accounts and wreak havoc.



What’s more, when buying tickets to a game, especially if the game is in a place you are unfamiliar with, be careful not to give out information to anyone selling tickets. Be sure to buy tickets from a reputable site, one that is endorsed by the NCAA or either team. NCAA also has a ticket exchange service through Prime Sport. Individuals can let the excitement of the tournament and games cause them to be a little careless. Identity theft is not a game and participants should be more careful about where they input personal information.



identity theft protection

Protecting your identity should be a priority because, as victims of identity theft can attest, it can be a troublesome process reclaiming your identity. One way in which you can take care of your identity is by protecting yourself with identity theft insurance. Not only will identity theft insurance alert you to any suspicious activity but it can also help you reclaim your identity if someone else were to claim it as their own.  Let us all be proactive and take preventative steps in protecting our identity before an incident occurs. After all, if it’s important to you, bubble it!



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