Our Top 10 Favorite Tech Bloggers

As a leading smartphone and gadget insurance brand, we at Protect Your Bubble read a lot about the fast-paced technology industry.


To help you in your search for the best round-up of tech news, we’ve listed a few of our top 10 favorite tech bloggers – in no particular order – that we know will deliver only the most relevant news in the industry.


Wayne Williams1. Wayne Williams

Wayne is pro when it comes to technology, computers and the web, he has been writing about the industry for almost 20 years, he has even contributed to a majority of PC magazines in the UK as well as editing and publishing a few of his own. His extensive experience in the industry makes him a name to be trusted. Read his latest work here.


Jody Gilbert2. Jody Gilbert


For the past 2 decades Jody has been writing and even editing articles for the tech industry which includes a couple of articles for the Cobb Group or the ZD Journals. She also garnered the Ziff-Davis’ Chairman’s Circle Award for Editorial Excellence in 1998 for her work on a few Microsoft Office How-To’s. You can read some of her wonderful articles here.


John Biggs3. John Biggs


John was an IT programmer for 4 years before shifting gears and deciding to write full time, although his work revolves around technology, gadgets and gears, not too far from where he originated. His work has appeared on New York Times, Men’s Health and Linux Journal. He works for TechCrunch.com as an East Coast Editor. More information on John here.


4. Elise Hu


Elise is a contributing author at npr.org mainly focusing on technology, innovation and society. She has written very informative articles that reads easily and is straight to the point. To read her work, visit http://www.npr.org/blogs/alltechconsidered/


5. Andrew Cunningham


Andrew works at Ars Technica as a senior products specialist, his work allows him the luxury of working with gadgets, his dream job. Andrew reviews upcoming gadgets and provides in depth knowledgeable information that will help you decide if the gadget on hand is something for you.




Brandon Hill6. Brandon Hill


Brandon is a very active contributor at http://www.dailytech.com and provides daily hardware reviews on various computer parts and technology. Occasionally, he writes reviews on gadgets and phones. Starting out his writing career at Anandtech in 1998, Brandon is on top of each breaking news and breakthroughs the industry have had over the years.


7. Zach Epstein


With over 10 years of experience Zach Epstein is indeed a name to look up to when it comes to the ICT industry. He has been quoted a good number of times by various publications and to prove his credibility he has been named by Forbes as one of the “top-10 power mobile influencers of the world.” As an executive editor at BGR, you can be sure that their reports are unbiased and widely respected.


8. Austin Downing


Austin is now a senior staff writer for benchmark reviews and he has been with the group since June 2010. Hailing from Michigan USA, Austin has proven time and again his knowledge with his informative and unbiased reviews of various gadgets that abound in the industry. His latest reviews was on the Kobo Arc Tablet which can be found here, http://benchmarkreviews.com/678/kobo-arc-android-tablet-ereader-review/.


John Herman9. John Herman


John is a tech editor at buzzfeed and you can find his recent work at http://buzzfeed.com/tech. For the latest updates, follow him on twitter, @jwherman.


10. Mark O’Neill


Mark contributed to a variety of websites including www.googletutor.com and www.geeksaresexy.net, to name a few. He loves to read and watch movies as well as listen to music. For his most recent articles visit http://www.markoneill.org



So there you have it, a few of our top 10 favorite tech bloggers. As you know the online world is always evolving, always changing, so you might want to check up on these bloggers as they provide some of the latest and greatest in the industry.

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