Survey Says: One in Three College Students Lose or Damage their Mobile Phones

Almost everyone will agree that smartphones have become an everyday part of our lives. From answering calls to sms messaging, even checking emails and updating social media, smartphones will be at the heart of all those activities. Many individuals, especially college students who rely on their phones for social and education purposes, are quite attached to their mobile phones. With that idea in mind lost or damaged cellphones have also become quite a common occurrence, more so for these college students who can be quite negligent of their own things—even with their most expensive and beloved gadgets. The recent survey conducted by Protect Your Bubble proves that, here are the results.


  • The survey reports that around 32.4% of college kids as well as recent graduates managed to break or lose their phones at least once in their college life, a few more times than that for some. Imagine, that’s 1 out of 3 kids wreaking havoc on their device, an alarming number indeed.
  • College life, of course, is not just about studying and working part-time jobs, it also means a lot of partying and boozing. Whether we admit it or not, it’s one of the most enjoyable activities most college kids enjoy and even look forward to these days and they will go to a bar or party at their dorm every chance they get and mostly, this is where the mishap happens.
  • Think about it: the survey reports that around 11% of these devices broke or got lost or stolen during one of these all-nighters, whether at a dorm party or in a bar and most of the time damage will be made by beer or alcohol spillage and a whopping 8% of these students are too drunk to remember what had happened and they wake up either with a lost phone or a broken device.
  • Another 14% admits to losing or damaging their phone during a school game, perhaps due to the excitement and the adrenalin rush, they drop their phones or leave it on their seats while they stand up, shout and cheer for their favorite team, allowing unscrupulous individuals to pass by and just grab the phone with no one noticing, and the survey notes that this occurred mostly at the Northeast Region.


Case in point: one story we found online from a  college kid involved him describing his panic when he realized his phone was not on him. He retraced his steps, located his phone under the dorm’s sofa, dead and dripping wet with beer. He had to let his parents know what happened and to top it all off, he had to work extra hard so he can buy himself a new phone. His parents flat out refused to get him a new one.


Smartphones, even tablets and mobile gadgets can be quite expensive and some of these college kids will not be as lucky and get a replacement phone as easily from their parents.  For parents, perhaps it is a worthwhile endeavor to check out protective coverage for college students’ more expensive gadgets given the result of the survey and seeing how easily they can lose or damage their phones. You might find yourself saving a ton of cash when the unthinkable happens and they end up destroying their phones and you have to replace it.

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