My iPhone Saved My Life – Top 10 Amazing iPhone Stories



Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives.  Phones used to have one function only, to make calls on and there was no other functionality.  As technology advanced, the functionality of phones expanded greatly.  When it comes to functionality, the iPhone is certainly one of the best, if not the best mobile phone.




Many people have found that their iPhones are more than just a way to communicate.  In fact, for many their iPhones are an irreplaceable part of their lives.  Several iphone users were asked why their iPhone has been a lifesaver and here are the top ten amazing iPhone stories.


Wendy K.


I stopped at the grocery store on my home from work on a Thursday afternoon.  I was lucky and the store was not busy so I was able to pull into a front parking spot.  I was walking out of the store when a car backed out of there space and backed right into my car.  I immediately took my iPhone and took some pictures of her car and her license plate and it was a good thing because she drove away!  Thanks to my iPhone, I was able to give enough information to the police to enable them to find her.  Her insurance ended up paying for the repairs to my car.


Joe M.


As a regional representative for a major corporation, I need to travel a lot.  There are some months where I am gone for a week, home for a few days and then gone for a week again.  I spend a lot of time driving, flying, and in hotel rooms.  My wife is a stay at home mom for our twin girls, who are two.  With iMessage and face time, I can see my girls anytime, no matter where I am.  Thanks to my iPhone, I am no longer missing my family while I’m gone; they are always reachable.


Tom A.


My parents had just moved and I was on my way to their house.  As I exited the freeway, my gas light came on.  I could not see any gas stations and I did not want to venture back onto the freeway, because I had not paid enough attention to if I had been passing gas stations or not.  Thanks to my iPhone and Siri, I was able to locate a nearby gas station and get directions to finding it.


Jill R.


I used to carry a day planner but I was always forgetting to actually write things down.  I would always hang up the phone and then think that I’ll remember to write it down on the calendar when I got home but more often than not, I forgot to.  I was always missing important dates because I forgot to write them in my calendar.  With the iPhone, I can schedule reminders instantly using Siri.  I can use Siri to set reminders for myself right then and there so that nothing gets missed or forgotten about ever again.


Mark W.


I commute to work using the train.  I used to bring books to read, but then I find myself having to navigate the train station and the subway, all while trying to not lose my book.  Larger books were simply too unwieldy to carry.  With my iPhone, I no longer need to carry a book.  Thanks to iBooks, I can download books and read them using my iPhone.  Problem solved.


Jerry B.


I spend a lot of time in my car for business.  Reaching my business associates via a phone call to pass short messages along can be time consuming, when a short and simple text message can get the information to them quickly.  With one tap on the keyboard, I can dictate my texts messages to them and then quickly send it on.  I can use dictation to take notes about things that I need to do later, all without distracting myself from the road because the best part is, when I use it with my headset, it reads everything to me before it gets sent.


Mary L.


I have three teenage daughters, all involved in clubs and sports.  They all have different schedules and keeping track of them would be impossible if I did not have my iPhone.  I can update my calendar while on the go and it will synch to my Mac as well.  The iPhone is the only way that I can keep track of our busy schedules and get everybody where they need to be on time.


Shelly C.


Some events only come around once in a lifetime, like my son’s high school graduation!  I was so worried about looking nice, that I forgot my camera.  If I left to get it, I would miss the ceremony.  My husband reminded me that I could take photos with my iPhone, a feature I had never really used because I used my digital camera for all my photos.  I used the iPhone and the photos were great!  We have one of them framed in our living room even!


Barry P.


I do a lot of presentations for my job.  I usually bring either my iPad or my Mac with me and for one presentation, halfway to the client site; I realized that I did not have anything with me but my iPhone.  Thanks to iCloud, I was able to access the relevant paperwork and the presentation on my iPhone and the sale went through.


Beth M.


Not too long ago, I had a job interview and I was very nervous.  I had printed out directions to the place and had them on the table by the front door along with the confirmation email that had the address I was going to.  In my haste, I only grabbed the top paper, the confirmation email, and not the directions.  I did not realize it until I was on the freeway.  I started to panic, and used my headset to call my boyfriend who told me to use my iPhone to get directions, and that I could use Siri through my headset.  I was able to get direction and made it to my interview, on time!


As you can see, iPhones are more than just phones; they are helpful in many ways.  Because iPhones are such a big investment, you should want to protect it.  For those that have an iPhone, they know that they depend on it.


The ten experiences above show how vital having your iPhone can be; can you afford to replace your iPhone if something happened to it?  We insure our cars, our houses and we even get renters insurance but we neglect to insure the smaller things, like our iPhones.  You can get your iPhone insured against theft, loss, and damage.  See Protect Your Bubble today for a quote at their website


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