Looking Forward to CES 2013

Hello Gadget Enthusiasts!


First, I hope everyone had an amazing and safe holiday season with friends and family.


Many people choose to welcome a New Year with a special event, a new outlook, or a new hobby. To ring in the New Year of 2013, I plan to represent Protect Your Bubble by heading to one of the largest and most respected gadget events of the year: The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. I can’t wait to journey to CES 2013, the Mecca of all Consumer Electronics Trade Shows, to see and be seen, and to visit with our partners!

Youtube leads a keynote at CES 2012

The YouTube team lead a keynote at CES 2012 along with many other innovative groups and individuals.

The Consumer Electronics Show will not be my first trade show in Vegas, but it will be the largest one that I’ve been to there. CES is synonymous with amazing product launches for some of the coolest gadgets on the planet, such as the iPod, iPhone, numerous television designs including HD TVs, 3D TVs, and Smart TVs, motorized roller skates, and futuristic flexible touch panels (like in Minority Report).You can check out their Innovation Award winners to see which gadgets will receive a nod this year.


I’ll be sure to takes notes of the coolest gadgets I see, and if I can, Ill take pictures so you can see them for yourself!


CES Security Reminders: Protect Your Gadgets from Smartphone, Laptop and iPhone Theft and Loss

A friendly reminder: although Las Vegas isn’t necessarily one of the top cities for smartphone and iphone theft and loss, it’s easy to let your guard down while attending such a big convention and tradeshow like CES. Check out our top 10 security tips to avoid laptop and iphone theft at tradeshows and conferences.


I can’t wait to see all the new smartphones, cameras, and more and I look forward to seeing you all there!


Photo via CES Press Image Gallery (Jan 2013).

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