Looking for the Best Cell Phone Camera? Here is a Straightforward Buyers Guide

cell phone cameraToday’s modern cell phones now have high powered and top quality built in cameras. From the low cost to the high end phones, a camera is now a core factor for a good cell phone. For example the new Nokia 520 comes in at about $120. Its five megapixel camera is really entry level HD video producing 720 P, not 1080p.


For those that want a cell phone that is just stunning and are looking for a Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumina 920 is an excellent choice. It features an eight megapixel autofocus camera with a dual LED flash and an image processing chip decked out with Karl Zeiss optics. It also includes a front facing 1.2 megapixel camera featuring a wide F2 aperture on a 26 mm lens for self-portraits.


In the Android world, Samsung is rocking the world with the Galaxy S4. Considered currently to be one of the most powerful super phones it comes in with an amazing 13 megapixel camera and even supports doing slow-motion video.


Meanwhile HTC is looking to steal Samsung’s thunder with the HTC One. The unibody is a beautiful aluminum also featuring an F2 aperture along with a 28 mm lens and can feature 1080 P video recording using HDR video and slow-motion recording with variable speed playback. Using the Snapdragon quad core at 1.7 GHz certainly makes it quite speedy. And of course is another Android offering.


Which of course brings us to the people who started the category – Apple. On paper it looks like it is lagging, featuring a mere eight megapixel iSight camera. It’s front facing FaceTime HD camera is limited to 720 P video.


Looking at the real world and what most people are really doing, every camera phone we have looked at here (with the exception of the entry-level 520) seems to be offering everything you need and more.


Given this, what it comes down to is: pick what is most pleasing to you. The feature list is impressive across-the-board of competitors. You simply cannot lose whatever you pick. These high end camera phones can cost mucho deniro! And now that you have invested in a new phone and camera? Make sure you consider our cell phone insurance to protect your investment.


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  • T-Dawg

    Great article. My S4 camera is awesome!