Keep Your Identity Safe, Prevent Identity Theft

Identity theft is undeniably an ever-present danger and for most people, keeping their identity safe is a continuous challenge as the internet allows seamless access to one’s information. Do you use the same password for all your email accounts? Do you over-share the events in your life on Facebook? If you’ve answered yes to both questions, you are a target for cyber criminals. launches an “ProtectYourProfile.Org” fueled by Facebook’s Open Graph technology. By hosting on its own domain, the setting is instantly less corporate and less “safe”. The overall “hacking” experience will look like a command prompt and feel like it’s happening real time and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Personalization of your info, friends, apps, etc. will hit close to home.


The ID Theft ProtectYourProfile.Org Project homepage educates the user on what the site is for, ties together with the offline creative and is focused on a “Hack My Facebook”.


-          Upon clicking the button, user is prompted to: Login to FB (unless already logged-in) and accept the app permissions.

-          Once permissions are accepted a loading overlay will notify the user that [random hacker name] is attempting to make a connection with the users account, and other various messages while the app loads users FB data.

-          Once our app loads your FB data the screen goes totally black and the command prompt begins.

-          Scrolling hacker-text continues in real time for about 1-2 minutes.

-          Upon completion of displaying the various data items the scrolling hacker-text identifies 5-10 of your top friends

-          Once all “hacker-text” modules have completed a couple branded overlays appear to complete the experience.


Protect Your Facebook is a micro – site that hosts a digital experience meant to expose user data in an effort to promote awareness of identity theft.


As responsible internet users, it is our obligation to keep our identity safe by practicing identity theft prevention on our own.



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