Is Your City A Hotspot For Smartphone Loss?

For thieves today, smartphones are a popular target because they are small, easy to grab, and even easier to resell. So how safe is your city for your smartphone?


According to a 2012 study by mobile security leader Lookout, a company that makes a free app that can find a lost or stolen phone, the top 10 smartphone loss hotspots around the U.S., based on where most cases of smartphone loss per capita were reported and the places where most phones are lost, are all listed in the infographic below:



If you were out at a coffee shop, you wouldn’t just lay down $800 cash while doing other chatting with friends, right? Well, many of us just set down our phone while doing other tasks. It’s really the same thing…to thieves, that is.


Smartphone owners are a huge target for thieves, especially during the hectic, holiday shopping season. In fact, 86 percent of our policy holder’s reported claims are related to loss or theft.


With the holidays right around the corner, we want to educate and remind you about the risks involved with owning costly mobile devices. It’s important to not only insure the new devices we purchase for ourselves, but also any gadgets we purchase as gifts for friends and loved ones. Check out our smartphone protection plans for a quick, two minute quote!

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