iPhone Theft Insurance for Your New iPhone 5c or 5s

The new iPhones 5c and 5s have been launched and pre-orders have been pouring in and iPhone enthusiasts have that burning need to get their hands on their famed iPhone. If you are one of them, could you really afford not to procure iPhone theft insurance for your new phone?


Apple gadgets are quite popular, since this smartphone makes the owner feel techy and the apps from these phones help everyday users in their daily activities like updating social media, checking emails and even scheduling through their calendars as well as for entertainment purposes like playing games, listening to music and even watching flicks, surely many users cannot imagine their lives without their precious iPhones and of course having the latest release like the iPhone 5s or 5c at least, sweetens the pie.

Why Get an iPhone?

iPhones and other Apple products are some of the few gadgets that many individuals hanker for, mainly because of the prestige that owners of these gadgets get as well as the various apps that helps ease the lives of individuals who owns these types of gadgets. Yes, iPhones can be expensive but you cannot put a price on the help they give to anyone who owns these gadget and the stature felt by such owners as well.


There are also some apps that can only be downloaded through the iOS platform and these apps can be quite precious and irreplaceable to its users.  Apps dealing with healthy eating, diets, fitness, and even vital signs detectors are just a few that many refuses to deal without.

Life Without Your Precious New iPhone 5s?

Once you’ve become attached to your new device – can you actually see yourself without your iPhone?  Can you imagine a day or so without your phone beside you? It might be notion so far away from you but it is not such a faraway thought with iPhones especially with the latest iPhone 5s or even the 5c that often catches the eye of many unscrupulous individuals looking to make a quick buck by stealing your iPhone.

iPhone Theft Insurance

Yes, your iPhone is precious and you should make sure that you protect it from theft and other damage not covered by your warranty. Insurance coverage for your iPhone is not very expensive and it will give you the peace of mind that, any damage to your phone is now covered, even with damage that is not often covered by the warranty or if you lose your iPhone, that you can easily get it replaced as well get credit protection should your phone be accessed and precious personal information be discovered by the thief.


For those  who want to secure their iPhones that they’d be lost without on a daily basis, getting iPhone theft insurance can be the answer you’re looking for. Protect Your Bubble has one of the most comprehensive insurance coverage for your gadgets.iPhone 5c owners can visit here to get the details and learn more, while iPhone 5s owners can go here to learn more about their device and insurance options.

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