iPhone 5: East Coast vs.West Coast

ProtectYourBubble.com commissioned a survey in New York City and San Francisco this morning of over 200 Apple fans in line for the new iPhone 5.  The first-ever study of iPhone 5 purchasers reveals more Apple fans in San Francisco would prefer to have lunch with Albert Einstein over Steve Jobs, JFK and Lady Gaga; whereas NYC residents chose Steve Jobs over Einstein. Other differences between the two cities indicate:


  • More than 60 percent of San Francisco iPhone fans standing in line would rather misplace their iPhones than their wallets. In New York City,  the majority of Apple fans would rather lose their wallets than their iPhones.


  • The majority of San Francisco Apple fans in line picture Siri as Cameron Diaz, while the majority of New York City Apple fans in line envision Angelina Jolie.


  • Similarities found between the two cities include: 70 percent of those waiting in line were male, in their middle 20s, have purchased 3 or more iPhones in the past and were most looking forward to the phone’s longer lasting battery.


  • 43.4 percent of the people polled did not know that replacing their iPhone 5 without a contract can cost as much as $749 versus the subsidized rate of $299 for the iPhone 5 32 GB, underscoring the importance of researching and purchasing gadget insurance.
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