iPad Mini press invites expected to arrive tomorrow

The Apple rumor mill is an active one. In the past, Apple rumors were just that–mere rumors. In recent years, each Apple launch has carried the same excitement and anticipation as the more secretive launches from the past, but with much more leaked information and from more reliable sources. The Apple iPad Mini launch is no different, as “leaked” photos, prototypes, and statistics have flooded the major tech resources on the web.

Most rumor mills are anticipating press invites to go out tomorrow for an official announcement on October 17 or 18 with an anticipated sales start date in the first week of November. Though there has been plenty of buzz surrounding Steve Jobs statements about 7-inch tablets, claiming that their diminutive size hurt user experience with a touchscreen and made them “dead on arrival”, all rumors point to the iPad Mini being a pending reality, providing a challenge to current 7-inch tablets on the market.

iPad Mini rendering from Martin Hajek

This rendering of a possible iPad Mini design from Martin Hajek gives Apple fans a glimpse at what could be the newest iOS device. To see more of Martin's mock ups, visit www.martinhajek.com

The iPad Mini is expected to be just like it’s larger, older brother in a smaller package. Cult of Mac offers a great summary of the anticipated features:

  • 7.85 inch display
  • High-resolution graphics like the iPad 2 instead of Retina Display like the new iPad
  • New dock and re-positioned headphone jack, like the iPhone 5
  • Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide (IGZO) Display from Sharp
  • Price point of around $250
  • iOS 6
  • Camera

How many of these rumored features will make an appearance? Only Apple can know for sure; the rest of us will just have to wait until October 17 or 18.

The iPad Mini is a highly debated device–Is it really different enough from the iPad and the iPhone to warrant another device? Is it against the wishes of Steve Jobs? Is it the perfect new gadget in the Apple line-up? Weigh in with your thoughts on Twitter with us @pybusa. Use the hashtag #iPadMini to join the discussion!

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