6 Ways to Know if Travel Insurance is Right for You

travel insurance tipsWhen is the last time you took some much-needed time off? As vacations become more of a luxury than a regular occurrence, you’ll probably find yourself spending more money than you used to in order to truly relax and get away. So in order to protect these valuable experiences, we at Protect Your Bubble offer travel insurance starting at $14 per day and plans that cover trip emergencies, cancellations and interruptions.


When considering travel insurance, you should ask yourself these 6 questions to determine whether you’re a good candidate before you purchase:


1.       Does my trip cost more than $500 per person?


2.       Am I traveling to an area where illness/injury is possible?


3.       Would it be financially concerning if I had to forfeit my entire investment if something were to go wrong or be cancelled?


4.       Will work/life obligations or emergencies prevent me from traveling?


5.       Are there cancellation restrictions with airline, hotel, cruise, etc?


6.       Would I enjoy the travel planning experience more if I had peace of mind?  


If you responded yes to any of these questions, then it’s likely you are a prime candidate for travel insurance. Again, we offer travel protection starting at $14 per trip. Come get a quick quote! Then just make sure you put the technology away, and have some fun with your friends or loved ones so that you can truly enjoy your time off.


Photo via Lecates on Flickr  

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