Haunted Holiday Adventure: Visit A Haunted Destination for Your Winter Travel

Halloween Jack-o-lantern  for your haunted travel destination

Enjoy the spooky delights of a haunted destination. Image via Flickr.

‘Tis the season for ghosts, pumpkins, and holiday frights: How are you celebrating? Rather than just watch your favorite paranormal shows on TV, why not have a ghostly adventure of your own?

Many of the world’s best travel spots have a few extra guests of the ghostly variety. This fall and winter, make plans to have a spook-tacular vacation at one 5 top haunted destinations in the world:


1: Thrills and chills…with bacon and eggs, at the Lizzie Borden Bread and Breakfast

Lizzie Borden, though found innocent in the grisly murder charges brought against her, is still the subject of conversation each Halloween in America. The long unsolved case not only stays alive in the minds of many, but apparently won’t let the ghosts of Lizzie, her father, or her stepmother rest. Now, you can try to solve the mystery yourself when spend the night in the house where everything happened. Feeling a little sheepish? Stay in a hotel nearby and take the tour in the daylight hours.


2: A Maze of Possibilities at the Winchester Mystery House

After the death of several loved ones, Sarah Winchester was convinced that her family was being haunted, and that the only way to keep the spirits at bay was to have constant construction on her home. Construction went one for 40 years, and the home now has a few fantastical features meant to confuse spirits, from staircases that lead to nowhere or 10 foot drop offs to doors that open to brick walls. Perfect for architecture enthusiasts and ghost chasers alike.


3: Take a Ghost Tour Down Under at Q Station

Named one of the top Ghost Tours in the world, Sydney, Australia’s Q Station Ghost Tour does not disappoint. The hotel inside of Sydney Harbour National Park where the tour takes place is well steeped in history and seen over 600 deaths, leaving a few lost souls still wandering about. Go have a conversation with a former hotel guest as you explore the scene for yourself on a tour.


4: Explore Scotland’s Past and Passed at the Edinburgh Vaults

The Edinburgh Vaults were the site of a great deal of heartache in Scotland as they housed the poor and lower classes in the city under the famous South Bridge. Many people lost their lives in the vaults due to famine or illness; the vaults themselves were eventually sealed, leaving them untouched for decades, until they were rediscovered and open to the public. Visitors now claim to see and interact with some of the vault’s victims today.


5: Enjoy Spirits with the Spirits on a Haunted Pub Crawl in Savannah, GA

Savannah, one of the well preserved historical cities in the southern US, is known for it’s school of art and design and historical architecture, but also for it’s ghosts. Take a tour filled with pints and poltergeists as you travel through  the city heading to various haunted destinations.



Ready for your haunted adventure? Protect Your Bubble’s travel insurance offers great trip protection in case of cancelled plans, delayed trips, lost baggage, and even emergency assistance, making sure you have all the coverage you need for an amazing vacation and peace of mind. Our coverage applies for both domestic and international travel, so you’re protected no matter where you go. We may not be able to protect you from ghosts, but we can sure protect your trip to go see them!


Have you been to any of these haunted destinations or have one to recommend? Tell us about it in a comment!

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