Hankering for a new iPhone this Fall? Rumors Surrounding the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5C

iPhone 5CThe iPhone 5 ushered in another era of hype and anticipation in the Apple world, a time when techy geeks spend their time in line to be one of the first get their hands on the new iPhone. Yes, no matter how expensive or how hard to get it during its launch, people still line up to grab a brand new device.


Recently, rumors of iPhone 5s has leaked and many techies are already salivating for their chance to play with the newest iPhone release. But did you hear rumors of an iPhone 5C?


iPhone 5C Rumors: An Affordable Alternative?


There’s been talk going around the mill that the new iPhone 5C will be the cheapest iPhone yet. The unit is pegged to be at only around $400-$450 in comparison to the previous iPhone releases that costs around $600 plus, many think its Apple’s run for a cheaper smartphone.


So what does this new iPhone have in store for its users?  Well for one, many reports deem it to be as cheap as it sounds, making the pun that that ‘C’ stands for ‘cheap’, since the casing is thought to be made from plastic, perhaps a good quality plastic, but still plastic nonetheless, a far cry from the usual aluminum and glass casings. It also reports to have colored back panels like red, yellow, pink and even blue, so it might be a good steal for many smartphone users who likes colors.


The reports also say that the new iPhone will boast a 3.5 inch screen, will run on iOS 7.0 and will have an A5 processor. Not a bad deal for an entry level iPhone right? It is also said to have generally the same features as that of the iPhone 5 albeit in a cheaper casing.


A Chinese supplier is rumored to have won the contract to manufacture these phones. Who is this supplier? A company named Pegatron, who (according to local media) is planning on hiring an additional workforce of 40k people to add to their already staggering 100,000 workers in order to meet the deadline for the production.  Both the Apple iPhone 5C and it’s more expensive counterpart the iPhone 5s is expected to debut the market around September this year.


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