Get your holiday shopping done with the help of 5 smartphone apps

Are you ready to do your holiday shopping? If you don’t have an arsenal of apps at your smartphone’s disposal, we’re afraid you may be behind already.


As apps have become our personal assistants on a daily basis, keeping track of our finances, addresses, and more, they’re also now Santa’s little helpers, helping you track your shopping lists, prices, and find items fast.

iPhone with apps screen

Your smartphone is now the perfect shopping buddy for this coming holiday season. Photo via Flickr.

If you’re ready to get your holiday shopping done early, or if you’re just preparing to venture out on Black Friday to get the best deals, here are a few apps that can you help through the battle of retail:


  1. Coupon Sherpa
    Extreme Couponers, back away from the scissors. Coupon Sherpa brings together all of the coupons you love, from retail to groceries and more. Retailers can scan the codes directly from your smartphone, saving you from hours of clipping them yourself.
    Finding the perfect gift is great, but it can reduce some shoppers into a blind panic. “Should I buy now? What if it goes on sale?!” Decide focuses on electronics (aka your big holiday purchases) including smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and more. The app shares consumer reviews, let’s you know when the best time to buy is, and even features a price guarantee.
  3. Cardstar
    Don’t be that person digging through your purse for your club card or trying three phone numbers at the register trying to remember the one to which your store discount card is linked. Cardstar puts all of your member and discount cards into one so that you never have to fumble with a giant key-chain again.
  4. Fab
    If Pinterest and Etsy had a lovechild, it would be fabulous…or just Fab. Fab just launched their holiday shops, despite dealing with the Frankenstorm out of their New York office. Reward that hard work and dedication by checking out their mobile app during your holiday shopping for great deals and great items with great design in mind.
  5. Groupon and Living Social
    Okay, so this technically makes 6 apps, but I think we can all agree to let it slide. While Groupon and Living Social aren’t exactly secret, don’t forget these treasures as you jump into online shopping. While other apps are focused just on holiday shopping, Groupon and Living Social can help you save on gift items as well as the other things you need during the holidays, like food and a massage to relax post-Black Friday shopping.

Will you be doing your holiday shopping online this year or at the mall? Are you Black Friday shopper or a last minute maven? Share your shopping strategy and style with us in a comment.

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