Galaxy S4 Reviews: Life Companion

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the hottest smartphone right now. Let’s face it. We just can’t wait to get our hands on it. With the latest hardware and features, it is the most desirable and powerful smartphone Samsung has created.

This smartphone boasts a lot of great hardware specs such as a super AMOLED HD 5-inch screen, ample storage space thanks to an expandable memory card slot, sensors, 13 Mega Pixels with LED flash primary camera to capture high quality pictures, and 2 Mega Pixels secondary camera. Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with many entertaining features as well. It has Air Gestures that lets you use the phone without touching it, Air View that lets you hover above elements to reveal additional information, Group Play for content sharing, and other S features.


Other Galaxy S4 reviews have taken sides as to comparing this powerful device with other smartphones in the market. You can compare the hardware and features but the fact that this device allows you to have everything you need right at the palm of your hands, this is the ultimate must-have gadget. Samsung actually took a step (or more) forward than the rest from the conceptualization, creation and marketing.


Samsung has introduced the S4 to the market as the Life Companion. It is expected to make your life richer, simpler, and more fun. There is a dedicated feature for your every need such as the S Planner to help with your schedule, the S Translator for translations, the ChatOn to chat across platforms, and the S Health to monitor your health and well-being. Thus, you will easily fall in love with this smartphone and soon treat it as your real life companion. Moreover, it will be your prized possession soon enough because it actually has a premium price tag on it.


As a life companion and a prized possession, you wouldn’t want to lose it that easily. Luckily, there is such thing as smartphone insurance. We at Protect Your Bubble offer Samsung Galaxy S4 insurance in the very unfortunate (but common) event that you break or lose your phone. We insure your coveted smartphone with a comprehensive and affordable insurance that keeps you from paying fees and helps you get your beloved smartphone back – quickly and with minimal hassle. Check out the details today:

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