Free Infographic: Who Are Apple’s Newest iPhone 5s and 5c Owners?

Are you planning to purchase the all-new iPhone 5s and 5c this year? If so, you’re not alone. The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c handsets topped 9 million units through their first weekend of availability. In fact, by 5:00 AM on September 2, 2013, there were already about 1,200 people in line outside the store. Among the approximate 1,200 people:


  • 18% waited to buy the 5c
  • 73% waited to buy the 5s.


The first person in line at the New York 5th Avenue Apple store was Brian, a 19-year old musician who had been in line for 2 weeks just to buy a gold 5s. Now that is what you call being persistent and fanatic!


Interesting Facts!


  • 52% would rather eat the same meal every day for a year rather than give up their smartphone
  • When asked who would they rather Facetime with, 41% chose President Obama. The other choices were Bill Gates (23%), Jay-Z (15%), Miley Cyrus (13%) and Tom Brady (9%).
  • 66% of the users will be upgrading to the new iPhone from their earlier model, the rest from feature phone, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy and first smartphone.
  • 32% replaced their phone due to a drop that caused a crack screen.
  • 25% experienced having a phone that just stops working properly
  • 26% never lost or broken a phone
  • Most users are excited about the Touch ID fingerprint sensor that the new iPhone 5s offers. Others are into the A7 chip with 64-bit architecture, 28% and 26% respectively.
  • Meanwhile, the iPhone 5c users are more excited about the iOS7 and the bright, new colors that this model brings – which is 20% and 16% respectively.
  • 41% of the users intended to buy iPhone insurance
  • 30% only knew that it would cost $849 to replace an iPhone 5 if it was lost, stolen or damaged.


If you already own the 5s or 5c, what do you think? And most importantly – how are you protecting your beloved new device? Protect your new iPhone today by getting your own iPhone insurance that covers drops, spills, damage, theft – and more.


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