Free Infographic: March Madness vs Smartphones

At Protect Your Bubble, did you know that 70% of our smartphone insurance claims are loss/stolen related?


Yes, smartphone safety and protection is a big issue.


In honor of 2 things we love – smartphone protection and March Madness – we have put together the following free infographic. To summarize the data for you that we obtained from a study we conducted last month:

  • March Madness vs. Smartphones: The Sweet 16 Cities That Aren’t So Sweet For Smartphone Owners
  • The Most Common Smartphone Danger (lost, stolen, damaged) = Damage
    • There is a 76.97% chance of damaging your phone in a Sweet 16 City
    • There is a 39.47% chance of losing your phone in a Sweet 16 City
    • There is a 23.68 % chance of having your phone stolen in a Sweet 16 City
  • Ranking of the 4 Sweet 16 Cities for Smartphone Danger (total of loss, theft and damage)
    1.        Arlington, TX (most dangerous for loss/theft/stolen) 81%
    2.        Los Angeles, CA 80%
    3.        Washington, DC 68%
    4.        Indianapolis, IN (least dangerous loss/theft/stolen) 54%
  • Most Common place to lose a phone: fell out of pocket 21%
  • Most Common way to damage a phone: dropped 74%
  • Most common place for a phone to be stolen: restaurant 14%

Enjoy, and please share!


P.S. If you’re interested in finding out how to protect your beloved smartphone from loss, theft or damage, check out our affordable and comprehensive gadget and smartphone insurance.



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