Four Ways to Safeguard Your iPhone


iPhones have become a part of daily life; it is only right that a person should do his or her best to care of such an expensive electronic device.  The advantage of most other devices is that they sit at home and are only used from time to time.  A mobile phone is always with you and has the danger of being shoved into a pocket with keys, change, and all sorts of other objects.  The same can be said about a phone that must swim amongst the sea of items within a woman’s purse.


Below are some tips to help you take care of your iPhone:


1)      Doing your best to avoid certain things will keep your iPhone in the best shape possible.  Regular cleaning can also help solve other common problems that users encounter.  The need for regular cleaning seems simple, but it is something that people often forget to do, until after they have already damaged their phone.  The need for a case is important; this will take the majority of the brute force that iPhones suffer on a daily basis.  The added bonus is that these cases are fairly inexpensive and can be customized to fit the user’s personality.


2)      Some people complain that the sound has degraded over time as they use their iPhone; what these people do not realize is that it is possible for dust and debris to clog the tiny little speaker holes.  Taking the time to clean out the little holes should do wonders to improve the quality of sound.  If people are having trouble understanding you, then it is possible the same sort of debris has clogged the microphone area.


3)      Depending on where you live there is the danger of extreme heat or cold; drastic temperatures are well known for quickly draining a battery and over time degrading the maximum battery capacity.  Improperly charging the battery can lead to a shorter lifespan; this creates a deadly cycle of having to recharge more often, which leads to more improper charging methods and even shorter battery life.  Storing an iPhone inside a car on a hot day is a very bad idea; the same can be said about leaving it exposed during the winter months.


4)      There is more to caring for an iPhone than just the outside; the memory of the phone can fill and end up bogging down the ability to properly use the phone.  Websites or applications that load slow are often the result of a lack of memory.  Taking time to evaluate how much free space an iPhone has is important and regularly transferring important pictures and files to a computer is a must.


iPhones have become a part of our daily life, because they provide a lot of functionality and still fit in a person’s pocket.  Unfortunately, this causes people to neglect their device and slowly degrade the performance. Simple measures can help your iPhone work longer at peak performance.

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