Five Surprising Facts About Dogs and Cats

Dog and Cat

Our dog and cat friends often surprise us. Sometimes those surprises are good and make us laugh and other times they are…well, not so fun. Here are five surprising facts about our furry friends that may surprise you!


1) Cats Can Survive 32 Story Falls: Did you know that it’s quite common for cats to fall out of windows? So much so that research has been conducted on the matter. Out of 115 cats that had fallen from high-rise apartments in New York City (average being 5.5 stories), 90 percent survived, including one cat that fell 32 stories onto a sidewalk and suffered only minor injuries. Curious how this is possible? (Source: Animal Planet)


2) Dogs Yawn When People Yawn: Yes, it’s true! A new study found that dogs yawn even when they merely hear the sound of humans yawning, showing the strongest evidence yet that canines are able to empathize with us. Humans tend to yawn more with friends and acquaintances, suggesting that “catching” someone’s yawn is tied to feelings of empathy. Same runs true for dogs; studies have found that dogs tend to yawn more after watching familiar people yawning. (Source: Washington Post)


3) Only 1% of U.S. Pets are Insured: For most people, pets are on par with children and have largely made their way from the backyard to the bedroom, making this statistic even more surprising. According to Protect Your Bubble data, of the 60 percent of US households who own pets, only 1 percent have pet insurance. In the UK, however, that number is much higher at 25 percent, and in Sweden, it’s astronomically higher, at 50 percent. Come on Americans, it’s time to seriously consider insurance options like our comprehensive and affordable pet coverage! (Source: Philadelphia Inquirer)


4) Cats Are Nocturnal: On average, cats sleep 13 to 14 hours during the day, and then mostly roam around at night, which is when they typically hunt in the wild. This is even true of big cats like lions — as kings of the jungle, they don’t need to be constantly alert to protect themselves. (Source: Huffington Post)


5) Dogs Are More Aggressive When a Man is Walking Them: When it comes to a dog’s aggressiveness, the gender of the person walking them is the most important factor. Dogs being walked by a male were four times more likely to bite or attack other dogs than those walked by women. (Source: Discovery News)

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