Etiquette for National Cell Phone Courtesy Month


It seems like these days, there’s a “holiday” for everything…National Hot Dog Day, National Compliment the Mirror Day, etc. But one of these holidays is especially relevant: July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month.  And to celebrate, we have compiled a list of cell phone etiquette. As a public service, we encourage all to study and incorporate into your daily lives. Those around you will appreciate it (we promise).


1.   Loud Talkers: This social infraction seems quite common when people are talking on their cell phone. Cranking up the volume of your voice by about ten decimals can be irritating to those around you. Please, practice “voice immodulation” control and try and keep it down when you’re in the store, at your desk at work, or on public transportation.


2.   The PermaTexter:  Have you engaged in a conversation with someone while they were texting with someone else? That’s just plain rude, but it happens all the time. We realize that these days, our smartphones are our connection to family, friends and work, but you have to know where to draw the line. Unless it’s a true emergency, that text can wait. Embrace the fading art of face-to-face communication. And, please, folks DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE! 


3.   Cell Phone Separation Anxiety:  We’ve all experienced this. You leave your house, head down the road and suddenly you realize…you left your phone at home! Panic immediately ensues. Remember: Stay calm. Compose yourself. Take a deep breath. Go about your business and fetch your phone when time permits.


4.   Just Say No: Believe it or not, there are life situations in which you should not be on the phone. It’s important to know when to hang up and when to not answer your phone. Here are a few examples: doctor’s office, during a meeting, at the checkout counter, in the bathroom, on the treadmill, in the middle of dinner, and in the movie theater. Make wise choices.


5.   Bluetooth Bloopers: If you must talk carry on a discussion via Bluetooth headset, try to be courteous to those around you. It’s ok to make eye contact and point to your headset to ensure that those around you don’t mistakenly think your comments are directed at them. 


6.   Mundane “Muploads”: Social media mobile image uploads, or “muploads” are fun and many of us want to share what’s going on in our lives. However, it can be quite irritating to some folks when their Facebook or Twitter feeds seem to be crowded with images of food, people’s newly cleaned closet, the funny leaf they spotted while on a walk, etc. It’s important to be mindful and discriminate between the mundane and the amazing.


From all of us at Protect Your Bubble USA, we’d like to wish you a Happy Cell Phone Courtesy Month. Did we leave anything out? We’d love to hear from you! Please leave a comment/tip below.

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