Does Your Business Insurance Cover Your Smart Phone or Mobile Device?

In today’s workforce, professionals are not only tasked with staying competitive in their careers. Many employment opportunities begin (and sometimes continue) as extended contracts. This typically means the responsibility of thinking and operating like a business—perhaps more so than the average Joe.


Whether you’re self-employed or a vendor for a large corporation, a great deal of your success will depend on the purchase and maintenance of comprehensive insurance policies. And even though Worker’s Compensation, and General and Professional Liability insurance may be required minimally, it’s often not enough to secure you for the long haul. What happens when you unexpectedly damage your laptop? Or when water, also known as a Smartphone’s arch-nemesis, takes out your new Samsung Galaxy S4?

While your colleagues may have the luxury of a company-paid laptop or mobile device, a contractor’s property is often his or her own responsibility. Failing to insure your assets will not only increase your out-of-pocket expenses, but significantly affect your ability to work. This, in turn, could cost you the contract, and tarnish your credibility as a hard-working professional.


Does your business insurance cover your smart phone or mobile device?


Thankfully, there are modern solutions for a very modern (and ever-changing) world. Protect Your Bubble is a leader in social life insurance, offering affordable coverage for your smartphone, tablet, and mobile device. We even offer extended laptop warranties for a number of popular brands, including Apple, Dell, and Lenovo! Backed by a Fortune 500 company, Protect Your Bubble provides dependability for the modern, tech-driven consumer.


Did you know most business insurance won’t cover your assets unless explicitly underwritten for property coverage? Even then, some insurance carriers require business assets to be registered to a legal, business entity. You’ve worked hard to obtain your current level of success and shouldn’t compromise it by failing to insure the tools of your trade. Take “Errors and Omissions” a step further with gadget insurance and extended warranties for your assets today!


Image Credit (Flickr) – HTC HD7 14

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