Considering iPad Air Insurance? 4 Reasons it’s a Worthy Investment

It’s official: everyone is crazy about the iPad Air. With its faster processor speed, lighter weight and thinner width, this gadget continues to set the standard of style and performance.


This full-size innovative tablet may meet the high expectations of the market, but it also ipad air insurancecomes at a cost. The regular price available in all Apple stores is $499. If you’re making the investment into a pricy gadget, it makes sense to consider stepping up the protection and looking into iPad Air insurance that will protect it from accidents, damage, loss and theft.  This tablet is on the expensive side, so it is good to consider this type of insurance for every Apple iPad owner’s benefit as fixing or replacing it can be a costly add-on you didn’t anticipate.


iPad Air Insurance Advantages


If cost alone wasn’t an incentive, here are 4 additional advantages to getting iPad Air insurance:


  1. One of the best advantages of iPad Air insurance is that you would be protected whenever the iPad Air is lost or stolen. This is a common, and unfortunate, occurrence, and is not included in the product warranty.
  2. The accidental damage coverage is also a plus. If you’ll be using your iPad Air daily, chances are an unforeseen incident might happen: water spillage, drops or cracks which can be a common scenario with lightweight devices.
  3. iPad Air insurance owners can also cancel the policy anytime they want. This is a great advantage as some insurance companies would need a lockout period for months, even for years.
  4. Credit monitoring features are often provided with an insurance plan. This ensures that there is no fraudulent activity when the iPad Air is stolen. This will further help in monitoring any suspicious activity at least for 3 months.


These are just a few of the many of the benefits you’ll receive from iPad Air insurance. At Protect Your Bubble, we offer inexpensive, reliable iPad Air insurance. With an affordable rate of $7.99 per month, every iPad Air owner will be able to use their tablet without worry. Check out for more details.

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