Cell Phone Insurance Claims: 4 of the Most Common Reasons Why People Rely on Insurance Coverage

Almost everyone has a mobile device. It is now a staple for getting through every day, hour, and for some people, moments. However, with such frequent use, your beloved phone is bound to experience an unforeseen accident. For this reason, many smartphone owners choose to invest in mobile cell phone insurance.  As a gadget insurance brand, we have put together 4 of the most common claims that insurance companies encounter:


1. Physical Damage


Physical damage has nothing to do with malfunctioning parts. Physical damage results in different problems like a cracked screen, battery damage, and more. The most common physical damage is a cracked screen due to phone drops. Other types of physical damage include a cracked camera lens, loose USB ports, scratched screens or bent pins or debris on the USB port. There are also cases of the mobile device being soaked or dropped in water causing it to malfunction.


2. Missing or Lost


Missing or lost mobile phones are another scenarios in which people make cell phone insurance claims. Today’s smartphones are designed for entertainment and business. More than just cell phones, smartphones provide instant access to the web. A missing or lost smartphone puts you at risk for unauthorized access to sensitive information.


3. Theft


For the majority of mobile users, their life is linked to their smartphone. There is nothing more frustrating when it gets stolen. Depending on your service provider, a lack of mobile insurance may result in you having to pay for unauthorized calls, a new handset, or cancellation of your mobile service while under contract.


4. Mechanical Breakdown


Mechanical breakdown claims occur less frequently than other claims, but still is a relatively common occurrence. This is due to the fact that mechanical breakdown is usually covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. However, mobile insurance companies see these claims arise often. With cell phone insurance becoming more prevalent and buyers jumping to protect their phones, understanding the common claims scenarios is important so you can weigh factors for or against purchasing insurance.


If you’re interested in finding out more, check out our cell phone insurance at Protect Your Bubble. A little investment today can go a long way tomorrow.

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