A Movember to Remember: How the Protect Your Bubble Team Did

If you saw our Movember post on our blog, or if you’ve been following us on Facebook or Twitter, you’re probably aware that the Protect Your Bubble team participated in Movember this year to support men’s health and to help in the fight against cancer. Although we got a bit of a late start, our team’s spirit and incredible abilities to grow facial hair helped get our team through to the very end.

Our team members worked diligently to grow out their beards and ‘staches. Here’s a bit of how their progress went:

Kyle, Product Manager for Gadget Insurance, Travel Insurance, and Rental Car Insurance with Protect Your Bubble

Kyle, Protect Your Bubble mobile gadget product manager, at the start of Movember

Clean shaven - November 1

Kyle, Rental Car Insurance Product Manager with Protect Your Bubble, sports his beard

Mid November: Sporting a beard

Kyle, Travel Insurance Product Manager with Protect Your Bubble, at the end of Movember

Looking like a mountain man for our team outing to AtlantaRocks

David, Product Manager for Gadget Insurance, Travel Insurance, and Rental Car Insurance with Protect Your Bubble

David, Director of Product Development, at the start of Movember

David started out with a tiny bit of stubble

David Anderson, Protect Your Bubble team member, grows his beard

Even with having to shave mid-month, David managed to get his beard growing

David Anderson of Protect Your Bubble with a beard

David finished out November with a full beard

Kyle and David showed the most change overall, but other members of the Protect Your Bubble team participated in our month of moustachery:

Ben, Partnership Development

Ben, Protect Your Bubble team member during Movember

Maseka, Director of IT and Software Development

Maseka, Director of IT and Software Development for Protect Your BubbleMarcel, Software Engineer

Marcel, Software Engineer with Protect Your Bubble

 At the end of November we celebrated in office to thank all of our Movember participants and to finish out the month with true mustache style.

Protect Your Bubble Team gets festive for Movember

Everyone had a 'stache to celebrate at the end of Movember

Thanks to everyone who donated to our Movember efforts and worked to encourage our team! Did you participate in Movember? Show us your mustaches and celebrate with us by tweeting or sharing your photo with us on Twitter and Facebook.

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A Movember to Remember

The moustache may have become an icon of hipster culture in the US, but that doesn’t mean that this classic feat of facial hair is anything but timeless. The mustache has the power to make a clean shaven man look manlier, to keep your upper lip warm in sub zero temperatures, and even to help fight cancer. Welcome to Movember, everyone.



Are you participating in Movember? Mustache image via Movember

Movember is an international celebration of the ‘mo, or moustache, and all things manly, including the fight against male cancer. Each year during the month of November men cast off their razors and let their facial fuzz grow, while their “mo sistas”, as the Movember website has entitled the women who participate in Movember, encourage them on towards bearded glory and money raising awesomeness. Donations raised by the bold and the bearded go towards combating prostate cancer and testicular cancer; throughout the month participants are also encouraged to have their annual physicals, helping to catch health risks early as well as increasing male health awareness.


This year is a Movember to remember around the Protect Your Bubble office as it’s the first year we’ve had an organized team fighting cancer and the will to shave as one. We’re halfway through the month, and still going strong as the gentlemen of the crew grow out their beards or a mo while we ladies cheer them on. To help support our team, just visit the Protect Your Bubble team page.


At the end of our venture, we’ll show the world what progress we’ve made with week to week photos of participants, but for now we want to see YOUR mo (or beard, or goatee, or what have you). If you’re participating in Movember, share a picture of your facial hair progress with us on Facebook or on Twitter.

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Protect Your Bubble gears up for BarkWorld

The Protect Your Bubble staff is getting ready to head to BarkWorld Expo, the national social pet-working conference for pet bloggers and more, later this month. The idea of a bunch of pet lovers and their furry friends at one conference had us thinking about our pets, so we thought we’d share them with you, too (after all, you can never have too many animals on the Internet).

Kyle and Hoss

Kyle, Protect Your Bubble Product Manager, and his dog, Hoss

Kyle and Hoss like to take naps where they can both stretch out.

Hoss, a five-year-old Doberman mix, keeps Kyle on his toes. Hoss is an escape artist, and won’t stay in his crate. He’s even snuck out of the yard a few times and gone through the neighbor’s doggie door to play with their kids.

Rachel and Abby

Rachel, our Mobile Delivery Manager, and Abby, her German Shepherd

Rachel spends some time in the snow with Abby on a hike.

Rachel, our Mobile Delivery Manager, makes sure that our mobile site is running well. When she’s not keeping our sites running, she’s keep up with Abby, her 11-year-old German Shepherd Mix. Abby is living proof that you can teach a dog new tricks–Rachel taught her to “Speak” and “Shake” just this year! We believe in having a friendly staff that’s always willing to help; Abby definitely has the Protect Your Bubble spirit, as she greets Rachel at the door everyday with a squeaky toy, ready to play.

Alyssa and Minnie

Alyssa, Social Media Manager, and Minnie, her yorkshire terrier

Alyssa and Minnie like to document their adventures with Instagram.

Alyssa manages our social profiles–You’ve probably seen her tweets and Facebook posts, letting you know the latest from Protect Your Bubble, current trends, and answering your insurance questions. Alyssa carries that social spirit on outside of work, enjoying adventures with her Yorkie, Minnie, and documenting with Instagram.

Laura and Molly

Laura, our Director of Marketing, and Molly, her Border Collie

Molly may be an old soul but still still has a ton of spirit according to Laura.

Molly may be a bit older, but this retired athlete still has a lot of spirit. Molly, in her younger days, tagged along on mountain biking adventures, lake swimming days, and loved to jump. At 15-years-old and two knee surgeries later, Molly loves spending time with Laura, our Director of Marketing, in the afternoons on her lunch breaks, their daily ritual.


We can’t wait to meet all of the other pet people at the conference this month. If you’re traveling to BarkWorld with your pet, be sure to read up on our tips about traveling with your pets. We’d love to see your four-legged friends as well: Mention us in a tweet with a picture, share their photo on our Facebook page, or tag your Instagram with #pybpet.

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Protect Your Bubble staff gives back through volunteering

When you think of an insurance company, it’s easy to picture people in suits sitting rigidly behind cubicles, focusing on the bottom line. Protect Your Bubble works to be different; we care about the things that you care about, so we work to help you protect them with great coverage and without the typical hassle of fine print and paperwork. One of the big things we care about is the community around us; here are just a few things our team members are working on now to give back:


Climbing for a cause 

Climber on a snowy mountain - image via Stephen Ebbett

Stephen will be using his rehabilitated knee to climb for a good cause.

Stephen Ebbett, former-Brit-turned-Atlanta-resident and the Global Head of Direct Distribution for Protect Your Bubble, underwent major knee surgery earlier this year. As a Rugby player and all around active guy, one of the hardest things for Stephen about his surgery was the recovery and the inability to use his leg. Now, Stephen is putting his rehabilitated knee to good use–He’s climbing 5 mountains in Ecuador to raise money for LimbPower, a group that works to help people who have permanently lost limbs and to offer relief to the physically disabled by aiding rehabilitation and through recreational and competitive sports and arts.


walk to end alzheimers - Image via Katherine Moore

People unite in a sea of purple in the Walk to End Alzheimer's.

Fighting for the memories

Katherine, one of the newest Protect Your Bubble team members, may not be ready to climb mountains, but this Web Content Manager loves to walk for a cause. Katherine works with Single Volunteers Atlanta on many projects, most recently on their partnership with the “Forget me Nots” in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Atlanta.  Katherine also volunteers with Atlanta Pet Rescue and Adoption, a non-profit no-kill shelter in the Atlanta area (If you’ve adopted a pet recently, look into our pet insurance to help them have a long, healthy, happy life!)


Marketing the future

Kyle Davenport, one of our fantastic Product Managers, works to help others build their education for a future in marketing by volunteering with The University of Georgia’s Executive Marketing Board. Kyle is currently helping to develop a marketing course that will help prepare marketing students for tasks in their future careers. He also is helping to build an internship program to help students get involved with marketing early on in their studies.


Lending a helping hand overseas

David volunteering with children in Uganda for the Village of Eden - Photo via David Anderson

David traveled overseas to lend his helping hands in the Village of Eden effort.

As the Director of Product, David Anderson has a big heart for Protect Your Bubble products and for giving our customers the best service and options possible; he also has a big heart for helping out overseas. David volunteers and supports a group calling Helping Hands and their “Village of Eden,” a self sustaining village built to support orphans and widows in Busia, Uganda.


We’ve told you about some of the projects we do to give back to the community–now tell us about yours! Leave a comment on our Facebook page to tell us you read this post and with a little bit about what you do to give back!

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