Smartphone Usage: Average American Spends Almost 3 Hours a Day on their Phone [Infographic]

smartphone usage

The average American spends 2 hours and 42 minutes a day on their smartphone.  Smartphone addiction is real. We did some research here at Protect Your Bubble and found some pretty interesting statistics on U.S. smartphone usage in 2014.  48% say it’s okay to use your phone on the toilet.  Gotta keep yourself occupied to pass the time somehow.  Plus it’s more convenient and discreet than bringing a magazine with you.


Here are a few more things we found interesting:

  • 12% have broken up with their significant other through text message
  • 31% have broken a phone
  • 41% have pretended to call someone in order to avoid talking to someone else
  • 85% would rather give up water than mobile apps
  • 42, the average amount of apps a smartphone user has on his or her phone

Smartphone Usage Infographic


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Top 10 iPhone 6 Cases & Accessories

iphone 6 cases


Apple's latest smartphone, the iPhone 6, is lauded for its durability and tough design. Sure, "Bendgate" erupted shortly after launch last year, but the hype seems to have passed. No matter how low any device rates on breakability or how many drop and dunk tests it passes, you can't guarantee indestructibility. It's still a high-tech handheld computer that's expensive (and exasperating) to replace if damaged.


These are our top 10 iPhone 6 cases & accessories:


10. Nodus Access Case

The Nodus Access Case offers a strong bonding surface using microsuction technology. Your iPhone attaches to the microsuction pads with a secure, residue-free force. It's a stylish case that's beautifully handcrafted with full-grain Italian leather and a microfiber lining.

nodus access case


9. CM4 Q Card Case

CM4's Q Card Case for iPhone 6 protects your phone and simplifies your life. This ultra-slim phone case comfortably stores cash and three cards (such as ID and credit cards). Designed with soft-touch rubber and premium fabric, the Q Card Case comes in black onyx, champagne gold, Pacific green, gunmetal gray and red rouge.

cm4 q card case


8. Speck CandyShell Grip Case

Speck's CandyShell Grip Case provides two layers of protection and a hard outer shell. Rubber stripes ensure a secure no-slip grip for playing games, texting or snapping pics. The raised bezel also protects the screen and keeps your phone from sliding when face down.