Carving Time! 3 Best Turkey Carving Knives

turkey carving

The 4th Thursday in November looms large in our minds as it’s that time of the year to dazzle your extended family, with tasty turkey, out-of-this-world sides, and perfectly cooked pies. This holiday always mean family and FOOD! It is tradition that the head of household carve the turkey as family members watch the ritual intently.


Here are the 3 best turkey carving knives that won’t blow your wallet wide open.


Victorinox 12-inch Granton Edge Slicing Knife with Fibrox Handle

victorinox slicing knife

This NSF approved, 12-inch granton edge slicing knife was expertly made in Switzerland, it features a safe, rounded tip; gives long, straight edge to maximize cutting surface. Its blade is made up of high-carbon stainless-steel, conical ground for a wider break point, and is ice tempered to sustain sharpness. The blade is stamped from cold-rolled steel; it has a bolsterless edge for use of entire blade and ease of sharpening. The patented fibrox handle is textured, slip resistant, and ergonomically designed for balance and comfort. This carving knife also has a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.


J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL Classic 8-inch Carving Knife

ja henckels carving knife

J.A. Henckels International Classic series features a heavy weight, forged blade and a classic 3 rivet handle design. The result is a knife of truly professional caliber knife at a great value. This professional kitchen utensil is made of stain-resistant carbon steel that’s hot drop forged for durability. The hand honed blade guarantees a precision cutting edge that will stay sharper longer. The triple riveted, classic design handles are comfortable, durable, and more importantly, unbreakable. The full bolster also provides added weight and ensures safety. This 8-inch carving knife is perfect for slicing your turkey while providing thin consistent slices every time.


Zyliss Stainless Steel 7.5-Inch Carving Knife

Zyliss Carving Knife

Zyliss is a Swiss company that is internationally known for their exceptionally crafted hand-held kitchen tools and has been around for over 50 years. Recognized for their legendary durability quality and engineering, Zyliss tools have been a favorite in the US for over 4 decades. Their 7.5 inch stainless steel knife blade stays sharp for long lasting use and the ergonomic handle with rubber grip reduces hand fatigue and allows for precision and control. Perfect for carving turkeys, the Zyliss Carving Knife is a home cook’s essential tool.


A good knife won’t tear any meat fibers. For best results, choose a carving knife that is long enough to cut through a large roast turkey in a single stroke. You should also know that carving knives aren’t very expensive. Of course, the better the carving knife, the higher the price, but a higher price also brings along more safety and better results, so check out your kitchen and see what it is missing.



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National iPod Day: Ode to the Original MP3 Player

ipod timeline

Today, October 23rd is National iPod Day. In late 2001, the very first iPod was made public. Apple cleverly spotted the rise of digital music and the lack of a suitable piece of hardware. For this reason alone, they developed a hard drive based MP3 player. As with their recent computer models, Apple was strategic in the way they designed and marketed their product. From the very start, the iPod was given a sleek, sexy look and its target market was the young, style continuous, and music enthusiasts. Apple created a superb brand with an all-white look, with the white earphones being featured prominently in advertisements.


The real outbreak for the iPod happened when Apple launched the 3rd generation iPod in 2003. These units came bundled with Apple’s own iTunes software that was compatible on both Macs and Windows PCs. This opened up a whole new market as they could now tap into the Windows users. To this day, Apple has a an impressive 90% market share of the hard drive based Mp3 player market, and 70% share of the MP3 player market as a whole.

ipod sales

Apple has managed to keep their grip on the mp3 player market by releasing various versions of the iPod. The main iPod is now in its 5th generation and although the design is quite similar to the original, it has been made more compact and available with much larger storage capacities. The latest models can display color photos, even movies.


iPod Mini

ipod mini

Apple’s first iPod spin off was the iPod mini. This mp3 player was fairly similar to the original although smaller in size. It was the first iPod to be available in different colors and was designed to target a slightly different market.


iPod Nano

ipod nano

Apple decided to discontinue the mini in 2005, to replace it with the ultra-small iPod nano. These units are 62% smaller than the mini players and feature colored screens.


iPod Shuffle

ipod shuffle

This is another ultra-small iPod and was the first flash drive based iPod. They only have a limited capacity of 512MB or 1GB and do not have a display screen. Users can either listen to the songs on the player in a random order or set a playlist in iTunes.


iPod Touch

ipod touch

Apple unveiled the fifth generation on September 12, 2012. Improvements include a IPS display, 4-inch screen similar to the iPhone 5, Apple’s A5 chip, support for recording 1080p video and panoramic still photos via the rear camera, an LED flash, and support for Apple’s Siri since the iPhone 4S. Unlike older models though, this generation does not have an ambient light sensor.


The dominance of the iPod in the mp3 player market can be seen in other industries. In fact, cars are now being designed with docking ports to make it easier to integrate iPods to the in car system. Even clothes manufacturers are designing clothes with special pockets just to hold iPods. All manner of other iPod accessories are being created by various electronics companies.


So for National iPod day, let’s also take a moment to remember Steve Jobs, co–founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Apple Inc. Thanks to him, we have our favorite tunes at the touch of our fingers right in our pocket.



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Technology Time Machine [Infographic]


Ever wonder what life was like before the advent of modern communications and consumer technology?  So have we.  We put together an infographic of all the popular devices that have advanced modern technology from 1876 to today.


technology time machine - evolution of technology


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A Peek into the Life of a Customer Service Advocate – Pt. 2

customer service advocate

Interview with Nicole (Nikki) Ibsen, Customer Service Advocate (not pictured)


Customer service representatives are more than claims handlers and insurance information providers. Insurance claim representatives are professional life savers and the 911 operators of destroyed devices and human devastation. In the words of Nicole (Nikki) Ibsen, a customer service advocate for Protect Your Bubble, reps are self-proclaimed “personal technology grief counselors” who respond to claims that range from “pretty ridiculous” to “absolutely haywire.”


Here is Pt. 2 of some of the most interesting claims we have received.  Click here for Pt. 1


1. A Moment of Grossness

We’ve all heard the story of a dropped phone in the toilet. But have you heard the one about the woman who dropped it into a full diaper?


One customer was left with no choice but to call PYB after she dropped her phone into a dirty diaper. “That one was pretty bad, and she was pretty disgusted too,” says Nikki, “but she didn’t know how else to go about it. It was just a ‘let’s share the grossness moment.’”


Lesson: Don’t have kids.

baby in diaper

Babies and smartphones don't mix


2. One-Handed Slip-Up

The lack of filter during these calls, and willingness to be quite explicit, adds to the hilarity of interacting with customers. Nikki shares how one woman was using both her phone and tablet in the bathroom to provide a little mood music while watching adult content and taking a bath. “She was crying on the phone when she told me she let it slip into the bathtub when she was using it one-handedly,” says Nikki.


Lesson: Tablets are not an aquatic accessory for any type of extra-curricular activity.

tablet bathtub

Water and electronics don't work well together; tablets are no exception


3. Customer Service First & Foremost: Tears of Resolution

From an awkward mechanical malfunction and heartwarming anecdote to a relationship disaster and humiliating mishap, the reasons behind filing a claim can put a representative on quite an emotional, mental and problem-solving roller coaster. But the ride is truly rewarding, especially for Nikki.


From the customer service side, Nikki empathizes. “There are always people crying,” she says. “Pretty much anybody will be able to cry, whether they’re frustrated and want to try to get something or they’re just having a really hard time in life. It’s really hard to hear on the phone that their sister’s in the hospital, their dog just died, and now their phone, of all things, is broken.”


Nikki just wants to help. She wants to be able to do something and given the opportunity, the customer with the broken device is usually so grateful. Keep in mind, not every claim can be resolved, which is Nikki’s biggest struggle. “It’s heartbreaking,” she says, when someone may be deserving, but the claim isn’t in line with the policy terms and conditions.

emotional help

Helping others can be an emotional journey


What’s Most Important: Protecting Your Lifestyle

The goal of PYB is to protect your lifestyle and help customers achieve the most successful outcome. “Have documentation,” advises Nikki. Identify the documentation from when you first signed up for the policy and be willing to answer questions. Also, listen to the representatives and understand the reasons behind the questions we ask. Lastly, keep things in perspective. Losing or breaking a device may feel like the end of the world, but it will get resolved, starting with excellent cooperation and our helpful expertise!


Nikki sums up her professional experiences best by saying, “I think the one thing that people need to realize is that we basically get a glimpse into human day-to-day life and how humans react when something small feels out of proportion. It’s so enlightening.”



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Moms: Becoming a Multi-Device Maven

happy family on couch

Come on, guys, it’s time to get to school!


Remember when that used to be a phrase you spoke out loud? Fast forward to the 21st century—it’s probable that you just texted that to your kids from the kitchen.


Your phone, your spouse’s phone, your kids’ phones, their laptops, desktop, iPods, iPads, and televisions—electronics galore! Times have changed, and we may as well figure out how to manage the onslaught of technology instead of burying our heads in the sand about its potential dangers. But how?


Limit Screen Time

Most of us already know the risks of a sedentary, screen-overloaded lifestyle. Obesity, violence, irregular sleep, behavioral problems—not so fun. But how do we productively monitor and limit screen time for kids? A lot of little successes will come from your willingness to set a good example and keep firm boundaries. Keep TV and computers in the background turned off, keep electronics out of the bedroom, set rules during the school week about screen time and use recording devices to decide which programs to watch instead of scanning for what’s on now—these are the rules we live by in my house.

limit screen time

This child is the top ranked player on Club Penguin


Limit Texting While Driving

Would you let your kids drink and drive? I didn’t think so. Yet many of us text and drive, despite the shocking results of a study from the University of Utah which found that the risk of being in an accident while using a cellphone is similar to the risk of driving with a blood alcohol level at the legal limit of intoxication. Because of this, 35 states have passed laws banning cellphone use while driving—check what your state laws are, and be sure to set an example for your kids by avoiding texting and driving. To manage your kids’ texting behavior, consider enrolling your family’s phones into programs or apps like TextLimit, DriveMode, and Canary, which allow you to set the speed at which features like texts, emails, and beeps get disabled. Some apps also allow you to enable geo-locating and receive speeding alerts to keep a close eye on your kids.

teens texting while driving

Showing off his texting skills to his lady friend


Family Protection Plans

You may as well place wagers on how long the latest electronic devices will last in your house. If the kids don’t beg you for the newest devices each time one is launched, then they’ll ask for replacements because somebody dropped their backpack and cracked their iPhone screen. With all of the devices in your house, how do you keep track of when you purchased which one, and what level of insurance you have on this one, or that one? Use a bundled protection plan that covers smartphones, tablets, electronics, and even appliances for a low monthly price, with easy claims resolution and quick turnaround for replacements—it’s an investment all savvy moms should make to keep the household running smoothly.

bundled protection

Shameless self-promotion


Keep Your Kids Safe Online

There’s no need for scaremongering. However, back in 2004, the Youth Internet Safety Survey showed 1 in 5 youth received unwanted sexual solicitation online. Now, they’ve also found that cyberbullying can start as young as in second grade—lets pause so I can take a giant swig of mommy juice, that is insane!


Face-to-face bullying is down; Cyberbullying is up

Anyway, the two-pronged approach to deflect this from happening to your family calls for you, the mom, to have explicit conversations with your children about online safety. Be sure to address valuing privacy online, stress to never give out personal information or photos and to never meet any online friends in person. Most importantly, teach your children to always be kind—because anything posted online will last forever.


These chats can be awkward, but someone has to do it. At the same time, be a smart parent and use your internet service provider’s parental controls, and check the history of your kids’ online usage—don’t snoop, be transparent about what you are doing. Make sure you know what their social networking profiles show, perhaps requiring them to give you their login and password information. Install a mobile security app like Snap Secure to protect your family in the digital space.

snap secure

Shameless self-promotion pt. 2




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