The Blackberry Z10 Makes Its Official US Debut

The Internet is abuzz today with news of the release of Blackberry Z10, the first smart phone under the Blackberry 10 OS. Much has been written about the phone-that-would-reignite-the-company so we decided not to join the fray just yet. Instead, we have summarized the latest Blackberry Z10 reviews for your Friday afternoon reading pleasure. Enjoy!


Mashable on the Blackberry Z10 features

  • Z10 has upgraded to BBM10 and you can now do video chats and screenshare. The latter feature is a bit fuzzy though.
  • Big on work-life balance? Use Blackberry Balance to partition Z10 for both work and personal use
  • The Z10 camera has a time shifting mode that allows you to turn the clock back a second or two on someone’s facial expression. What does it mean? There’s no excuse for you have pictures of someone with their eyes closed… unless you really wanted to have an image of their eyelids.

PCMag with the latest about carriers of the Z10

  • If you hate carrier branding, then you’ll love Z10. There’s no carrier logo in front; only a small Verizon, AT&T, or  T-Mobile logo can be found at the back of the device and it’s near the bottom. Carrier name does appear on the status bar when the phone is locked but disappears when you dismiss the lock.
  • The Verizon Z10 comes with a few apps, including Paper Camera, Angry Birds Star Wars, Bloomberg Mobile, and TuneIn Radio. But this could be an eager Verizon staff’s doing.
  • The Verizon Z10 excludes other LTE bands so you won’t be able to use the device on any other U.S. high-speed network.  But you can switch carriers by unlocking the device.

Huffington Post Blackberry Z10 Review

  • The touchscreen keyboard of the Z10 is “fast, accurate, responsive and very easy to get accustomed to.” The best ever for a smartphone. It also makes it easier to operate with one hand than the iPhone.
  • Several features were added to improve user productivity, including the Hub and the Sleep button.
  • The Z10 won’t be called beautiful… ever. OS looks “looks very flat and uninspired.” In the words of the reviewer, it is hideous.
  • Glitches encountered include apps crashing and losing connectivity. Nothing that can’t be addressed by an update to the firmware.

The Blackberry Z10 retails for $199 with a two-year contract. If you do decide to get the new Blackberry and want coverage for it, we’d love for you to consider mobile insurance with us at Protect Your Bubble.


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