Are you Considering Insuring Your iPhone 5? Weighing the Pros and Cons

Everyone wants their gadgets to stay new and perfect. Whether you’re the kind of technophile who upgrades their phone every year, or someone who’s looking to get  the most mileage you can out of your iPhone 5, we all want our stuff to be unscathed for as long as possible. Some people swear by extended warranties and insurance programs for their gadgets, while others scoff at the extra money spent on a disaster that they vow will never happen to them. Starting with the skeptics first, here are 2 reasons some people give against getting a little extra protection for your new iPhone:


1.     You’ll Pay Extra For A Service You May Never Use

This is the truth about any insurance policy—you want to have it, yet you hope you never have to use it. And between home, health, and vehicle insurance, you may feel that you’re already overloaded on contingency plans, and you may want to just risk paying $400-600 for a new phone entirely if yours becomes inoperable.


2.     You Upgrade Your Phone Every Year

If you’re absolutely in love with smartphone culture, and you have to have the newest gadget on the block as soon as it comes out, then you’ve already committed to spending a considerable amount of money each year as each new upgrade hits the market. So you probably don’t need to insure something that you’re planning on replacing in a short while.


The Pros to Getting iPhone 5 insurance

Now if you’re like most of us, and you’re planning on keeping your iPhone 5 around for at least 2 years, then here are 4 reasons why you should strongly consider getting some insurance:


1.     You’ll Always Have An iPhone At Hand

If you’re not one of the lucky few who can spend $600 without blinking for a new phone, then some supplemental insurance is the cheapest way to replace your beloved Apple device. If yours breaks, the right policy will get you a replacement as soon as your claim is approved.


2.     You’ll Be Protected Against The Real Threats To Your iPhone

Hardware and manufacturing defects will always crop up once in a great while. But the real concerns your iPhone will face are the daily threats: spilled beverages, a fall from the kitchen table, an individual who has no problem “adopting” your phone from your table at Starbucks when you’re not looking, etc. An insurance policy from a good company will protect you from these things, and keep you from spending most of a month’s rent on a replacement phone.


3.     Your Monthly Budget Will Be Healthier

Again, if you don’t have extra cash lying around, you’re going to be dreading that repair bill if your iPhone gets knocked into the standing water in your kitchen sink or tumbles down a flight of stairs. So you may try to save a little on the side and put it in a sort of “catastrophe” fund, the same resource that’s meant for your car repairs, impromptu crown replacements, or anything else that’s unexpected, painful, and costly.

The problem with that plan is that it’s harder to set aside $600 and leave it there than it is to spend a few dollars a month on an insurance premium. If you truly want to protect your iPhone, you can’t spend that catastrophe money anyway, so you’re better off dedicating a much smaller amount each month towards something that will pay off if you ever need it to.


4.     You’ll Be Able To Use Your Phone Without Fear

Your perfectly natural desire to keep your iPhone in working order can actually prevent you from getting the most out of what your device offers. If you’re more concerned with keeping it away from pickpockets or coffee spills, you’ll never relax and make it second nature to whip out your iPhone when you need it. And if you’ve purchased one for your kid or teenager, you may be dreading the day when they come home with a sheepish grin and a pile of gleaming parts that used to be their birthday present. An insurance policy will keep you from tearing your hair out with worry.


If you’ve realized how much you can save with a little extra protection, check out our iPhone 5 insurance protection today. For the cost of a fast food value meal each month, you can protect your iPhone 5 from all the hazards out there, and guarantee yourself that a replacement is always within reach.



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