Apple’s 2013 Announcement Boasts New iPhone 5c Features and a New, More Affordable iPhone

Whether or not you were surprised by Apple’s announcement today, thanks to the rumormill, it’s safe to say that many consumers are excited by the two new devices launching later this month. The new iPhone 5c and the coveted iPhone 5s will hit the market in most countries on Sept. 20, with 5c pre-orders beginning on Sept. 13. But what are the new features?


iPhone 5c

The announcement of the new, lower-cost device is music to many ears. We predict that this more affordable device will likely gain the support of a younger audience. Especially with the slew of colorful phone options. Among other features mentioned today include a more powerful battery life and a wide screen video. According to Apple, “5c is beautifully, unapologetically plastic.” The back of the device is composed of a hard-coated polycarbonate material abd the inside of the phone is built with a new steel-inforced construction method. Sounds pretty durable. But what is the pricetag, you ask? The iPhone 5c 16GB will be available for $99 and the 32GB will be available for $199, both with a two-year contract.


iPhone 5s

Cosmetically speaking, the iPhone 5s will offer new color options of Silver, Grey, and…Gold, yes, Gold!  Aside from the new look, Apple boasts three noteable new features in the iPhone 5s: A7 chip, Enhanced Camera, and Touch ID.


So, let’s begin with phone’s speed. According to today’s announcement, “The iPhone 5s is a huge leap forward in mobile computing performance. It starts with a brand new system on a chip called the A7. A7 is 64-bit, the world’s first and only such CPU in a smartphone.” Basically, this means that the new device will compute at a very, very fast speed. Next, the camera has been enhanced, making phototaking on the iPhone an even better experience. For starters, it has a 15 percent bigger active sensor area. And according to Apple’s announcement, “We know a secret: bigger pixels = better pictures. Our sensor has 1.5 micron pixels.” The enhanced camera also features a flash which has two LEDs and photo-editing capabilities allowing users to use Instagram-like filters on their photos. Finally, the third big feature is Touch ID. This security feature is the likely going to be a big win for consumers. According to TechCrunch “the Touch ID fingerprint sensor is capacitive, 170 microns thin, has a 500 ppi resolution, scans sub-epidermal skin layers, and has 360 degree readability (no matter how you train the sensor to read your finger, it can read it from any rotation).” This phone sounds aweomse, but with all of these features, comes a hefty pricetag: 16GB for $199, 32GB for $299, and 64GB for $399, with a two-year contract. Its starts at $649, sans contract.


True to form, Apple does not disappoint with the news from today’s announcement. The big question is: will you be buying one of these new devices? If so, consider iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c insurance from Protect Your Bubble…now available.


Image source via Chicago Tribune

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