A Movember to Remember

The moustache may have become an icon of hipster culture in the US, but that doesn’t mean that this classic feat of facial hair is anything but timeless. The mustache has the power to make a clean shaven man look manlier, to keep your upper lip warm in sub zero temperatures, and even to help fight cancer. Welcome to Movember, everyone.



Are you participating in Movember? Mustache image via Movember

Movember is an international celebration of the ‘mo, or moustache, and all things manly, including the fight against male cancer. Each year during the month of November men cast off their razors and let their facial fuzz grow, while their “mo sistas”, as the Movember website has entitled the women who participate in Movember, encourage them on towards bearded glory and money raising awesomeness. Donations raised by the bold and the bearded go towards combating prostate cancer and testicular cancer; throughout the month participants are also encouraged to have their annual physicals, helping to catch health risks early as well as increasing male health awareness.


This year is a Movember to remember around the Protect Your Bubble office as it’s the first year we’ve had an organized team fighting cancer and the will to shave as one. We’re halfway through the month, and still going strong as the gentlemen of the crew grow out their beards or a mo while we ladies cheer them on. To help support our team, just visit the Protect Your Bubble team page.


At the end of our venture, we’ll show the world what progress we’ve made with week to week photos of participants, but for now we want to see YOUR mo (or beard, or goatee, or what have you). If you’re participating in Movember, share a picture of your facial hair progress with us on Facebook or on Twitter.

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About Amy

Amy Hicks, is the Marketing Director for the US team at Protect Your Bubble. She has over 12 years of experience in branding, product development, direct marketing, digital marketing, and customer relationship management. She has held positions with agencies as well as Fortune 500 firms. Amy has a BA in Finance and a Master’s of Science and Marketing from Georgia State. She’s been in Atlanta for over 30 years and lives in Smyrna with her 2 fun, wild kids and husband. Follow her on Google.