5 ways to improve your holiday photos

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Use your camera to take great holiday photos. Image via Flickr.

The holiday season is almost here; it’s time to capture pumpkins and pies, ghosts and goblins, Thanksgiving feasts, Christmas trees, and more as we work our way through holiday cheer towards the New Year. We know you’ll want to document all of fantastic new memories, so we have a few tips to help you with your photography skills from a few of the pros:


1. Choose the right camera. 

Having a great camera is the first step to taking amazing photos. “If you own a DSLR make it your Holiday resolution to learn to use it in manual and shoot in RAW so you can fix lighting issues later. Shooting in auto on a DSLR is just a step above shooting with the considerably cheaper point and shoot camera, but shooting in manual will unlock a world of possibilities,” advises Kelsey Drozd, a family and pet photographer in Oceanside, California.

If you’re still using a point-and-click and are looking to upgrade it can be a little daunting to pick a camera you love–There are so many options! Justin Snavely, a photographer in Atlanta, suggests the new Nikon D600. “It’s a nice mid-level, full frame dslr that would balance very nicely between…shooting stills and video.” (If you do invest in a new camera this season, be sure to protect it with camera insurance from Protect Your Bubble).


2. Always have a back up. 

Lauren Ferzoco, of Lauren Elizabeth Photography, a pet photographer in the Nashville area, recommends using multiple memory cards during your event. “That way, if something happens to the memory card, you haven’t lost the entire shoot!”


3. Keep the quality high and the styling classic.

Kelsey stresses that quality and classic styling are important for holiday photos. “Put away that iPhone. Its great for capturing the crazy lady walking down the street dressed as Mrs Claus, but for moments that matter…use a real camera. The quality is better and your editing options are better…This goes for Instagram too! The funky effects are cool for capturing your “duck face” as you model your new ‘do, but when it comes to memories keep it classic.”


4. Don’t over pose…

We all know that the posed group shot is coming, but don’t forget to snap a few shots when people aren’t wary of the camera. “My advice is to start shooting once the eggnog and the activities start happening.,” says Justin. “It’s at this point that people usually loosen up, aren’t as self conscious, and don’t pay as much attention to the person running around with the camera.” You’ll great candid shots of laughter and fun that you’ll cherish for years.


5. …or get too matchy. 

If you’re going in for a professional session or just snapping photos at the holiday party, remember that over-matching can be problematic. “Everyone in white shirts and jeans is BORING and overdone; at least one person in the group isn’t going to be flattered by that style and will look out of place. Variety is the spice of life. Stick to the same color palate and color tones (pastels, neutrals, bolds, muted, etc) but not exact same clothes,” advises Kelsey.


Have fun with your holiday photos this season and put a few memories on film that you’ll cherish in future years. If you have additional tips for people taking photos during the holidays, leave them in a comment!

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