5 Questions You Might Have About Rental Car Insurance

Whether you’re planning a trip for business or pleasure, odds are that you have some questions about rental car insurance. Here are 5 of the most common questions people have about insuring their temporary ride, and what you can do to make sure you’re protected from financial mishap.


1. Will My Personal Car Insurance Cover My Rental?

In most cases, your personal coverage will transfer over to your rental car. There are some exceptions to this however. For example, if your daily automobile isn’t 4 wheel drive but your rental is, your personal insurance may not cover you, leaving you to foot the bill for any repairs out of your own pocket.

2. Are There Any Other Insurance Options Than What The Rental Company Provides?

Yes, you don’t have to sign up for the most expensive package at the customer service desk of a rental lot—there are a number of rental car insurance providers that aren’t affiliated with the rental companies themselves.


3. My Credit Card Company Says They Pay For Rental Insurance. Do I Still Need Additional Coverage?

One of the perks of a great credit card is the protection they give you if you pay for the rental on your card. However, there are still some potential charges that you want to be aware of. If your rental car gets banged up and needs repairs, you’ll be charged for each day the vehicle is out of use until it finally returns to working status, and most credit cards leave this fee for you to handle alone.


4. How Much Rental Car Coverage Is Necessary?

If you’ve looked at your situation and decided that you need a little extra support (we’d love for you to consider our car rental coverage), you’re probably wondering what you can trim off the bill. The answer depends on several things: your personal auto insurance, how many days you’ll need the rental, how much driving you’ll be doing, how populated a city, etc.


5. Is Rental Car Insurance Required By Law?

Short answer: no. Although many rental agencies may get extremely creative in their phrasings concerning insurance, the law says that you need automobile insurance of any kind, not additional coverage for a designated rental. However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically want to toss out the idea of rental insurance—especially if you don’t have the greatest coverage for your personal vehicle to begin with—but it means you’re not required to buy a supplemental policy.

If you think you need some extra protection for your car rental, do your research. Wecover you for a number of calamities that can happen on the road, letting you enjoy your vacation or get to work in peace. Happy travels!


Photo via AnoLobb at Flickr.

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