5 Moving Tips That Make Professional Movers Envious

overloaded moving truck

Moving Like A Boss

Moving is one of the biggest household tasks there is and it can be an overwhelming, stressful hassle. By knowing what you need to get done in advance will keep the moving chaos at arm’s length and help put your mind at ease when the actual big moving day arrives.


Moving doesn’t have to be an unpleasant activity. Below are 5 pro moving tips to ease the pain and stress of moving. To keep the moving ruckus at bay, utilize these tips to prepare yourself for moving day.


juggling moving boxes

Juggling moving boxes like a boss

1. Get Organized in Advance


Leaving anything until the last minute is a disaster waiting to happen. If you plan accordingly, you should have at least 30 to 60 days to come up with a plan to ensure that moving day runs smoothly. A great idea would be to create an itemized list of what needs to be accomplished each week prior to the big day. Protip: Prior to moving, you should sell unnecessary items, get packing supplies, prospect professional movers, and purchase a 12-pack of Coors Light which will reduce stress during moving.


Grandpa drinking

Grandpa chugs a beer for every box he loads onto the truck

2. Label All Boxes


This is a very important step in your moving process. Although it can be a little tedious, it will prove to be advantageous because it will help ease the burden of unpacking later. By labeling each box, you won’t have to guess what’s in each box as if you were playing the game Clue. With labeled boxes, you will know which item goes where in your new home. Protip: For fragile items, make sure you label the box FRAGILE! with an exclamation point!


unmarked boxes

It took this couple 2 months to find their shake weight

3. Clear a Path to Success


Make it safe and easy for the movers and yourself to get in and out of your house by getting rid of all obstacles. Remove low hanging items such as hanging plants and wind chimes. Clear out all doorways, floor mats, potted plants, and planters. Disconnect the spring on your screen door so that it can stay open during the entire loading process. Protip: Attach a convenient store, doorway sensor that makes an alarm sound when someone enters.


blocked doorway

This won Gold at the 3rd Annual Obstructed Doorways Competition

4. Prepare Your Movers


Before the driver leaves for your new house, ensure that you completely understand all the paperwork. Don’t sign it if there is something there that you are confused about. Note down any information the driver has to keep the communication lines open, like a mobile number or satellite tracking details. Also provide the driver with your contact information. Prior to the driver’s departure, try to get as many details as you can about his/her plans for delivering all your stuff. With due diligence, you can properly confirm that your driver will be able deliver your goods intact. Protip: Make sure the driver has a valid driver’s license and no vehicular manslaughter charges on his or her driving record.



Ironically, this Ryder driver was previously a bus driver

5. Take One Last Sweep


Take one last sweep of your old house before leaving. Look through all closets, cabinets, shelves, attic, storage unit, garage, basement, and under the stairs. This is a critical step because you do not want to find out later that something was left behind like your dog, Rufus. Protip: If you accidentally left Rufus behind, find a window to crack open and pour Kibbles N’ Bits through the crevice.

Rufus lost and found poster

Moving doesn’t have to be a burden. It can be fun and memorable experience. Minimize the stress of moving day with these pro tips!  If you’re moving into a new rental home or apartment, make sure your renters insurance has the coverage you’re looking for.



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