5 Last-Minute Gadget-Giving Tips For Mother’s Day

It’s that time of year again. When we celebrate the women who have given the gift of life to ourselves and others. Instead of flowers and a card, you may have something a little more extravagant planned, in the form of a tablet, smartphone, e-reader, or other gadget. So while you’re shopping around for the perfect hi-tech expression of love, here are 5 things to remember when buying a gadget for Mother’s Day:


1.     Think About The Monthly Service Costs Of A Gadget

You may want nothing more than to see the look of wonder on your mom’s face as she shreds $4.00 worth of wrapping paper to reveal a gleaming new iPad with 4G capabilities. But before you take that box to the checkout register, consider who’s going to pay for the monthly Internet service.  If you’ve got the wallet to take your gift all the way, you can cover the bill yourself, and give your mother a year’s worth of service in addition to the tablet. If not, however, make sure you let her know what kind of fees she’s in for—preferably in the fine print of your Mother’s Day card.


2.     Don’t Worry About Finding A Device That Does Everything

With the unimaginably large spectrum of gadgets on offer these days, it may seem like you can find something that does a little bit of everything. And while you can certainly find a device that gives the mom in your life a huge sampling of what’s available, you’ll never find a gadget that offers every feature out there—there’s simply too much diversity for any one device to cover. Concentrate on finding a feature she likes—a screen that’s particularly good for e-books, or a unit with stellar customer service support—and don’t worry about finding a jack-of-all-trades super gadget.


3.     Consider Getting Insurance For Your Device

Our modern electronic marvels aren’t cheap, and there seems to be an endless amount of catastrophes that can separate your sweet mother from her new joy. Theft, loss, drops, spills, and dozens of other hazards can set you back the cost of a new device entirely, if you don’t have an insurance policy that covers these things. If you’re picking up something that your mom will be using for years to come, you may want to consider getting a little extra protection.


4.     Consider A Slightly Used Gadget

You may feel a tad uneasy about the aura of cheapness that this option represents, so this definitely isn’t recommended for everyone. But slightly used gadgets are significantly less expensive, help save the environment through recycling, and are more easily replaced in the event of damage or loss. So if your mom is into being green, or she appreciates a good deal above all else, this may be the way to go.


5.     Remember The Gadget’s Expected Lifespan

We live in an age of rapid technology turnover. The first iPhone is barely old enough to be in kindergarten, and we’ve already had 4 succeeding generations, as well as dozens of other smartphones, all with ever-increasing levels of sophistication. It’s a sad fact of life that whatever you buy now will be outdated in six months, so it’s always a good idea to plan ahead as you pull out your wallet. An entry-level gadget that can be comfortably replaced by something greater down the road, or a device that can be upgraded as needed are both ways to help your mom adapt to the shifting sands of time. Just make sure she understands that, no matter how beautiful that device may be in its box, it’ll always grow up faster than expected (something she’s probably aware of already).


If you do decide on getting a little extra coverage for your mother’s new gadget, be sure to check out Protect Your Bubble today. Although it’ll take a lifetime to repay your mother for protecting you from the world, you can start by protecting her device. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!


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