4 Cool 3D Printed Tech Accessories

Tech accessories have always been an integral part of our electronic devices, whether it is for adding value or personality. With the emergence of 3D printing, tech accessories lead the way for 3D printed consumer goods. The following 3D printed technological accessories are not just created for the sake of innovation; they are made to provide convenience and utility.


Infinite Sisu iPad Stand


The Infinite Sisu iPad Stand is designed for fitness fanatics. Notice how the support stand is shaped like a human pushing the iPad to its position – a design inspired by a concept called “Sisu.” Sisu is a Finnish term which means grit or determination. It exemplifies how humans can overcome hardships through determination. The Infinite Sisu iPad stand is perfect for fitness enthusiasts, or for those who want to start achieving a fit body.


IPhone 5/5s Car Holder


There are so many car holders available on the market today, but this product has a distinct feature  known as the 3D printed iHook design. The 3D printed iHook design is particularly made for the iPhone 5 and 5s since it is created with similar dimensions. It is made flexible so that the hands-free calling and viewing of maps can be used with just one hand. The iHook design can also be placed right under the rearview mirror allowing for easy access.


Pod a Porter Neckband for iPod Shuffle


Manufactured from a 3D-prined polyamide, this tough product is set to resolve the problems associated with having an unruly iPod wire. Further, its lightweight feature makes it easier to carry it around for wherever you are and whatever you do. In fact, the controls are easily accessible in just a few touches. The Pod a Porter is designed for iPod 4th generation and is available in black and limited edition colors.


3D Printed Phone Case


Phone cases are made for protection and style. Currently, the owner of WittPrint 3D made an interesting product for the iPhone – the 3D iPhone case. The 3D printed phone cases currently are available with three designs: The Upper Peninsula (UP), Great Lakes and the entire Michigan state. The cases are made with with a durable material called polylactic acid (PLA). The PLA has been tested and proved to protect the iPhone from a 5-foot drop.


3D printed accessories are must-haves for early adopters of technology. With further advances in 3D printing in the near future, expect more creative and useful designs to appear. To protect your gadgets, visit our mobile device and small electronics pages.

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