3 Things You Want To Know Before Purchasing A Warranty For Your iPhone

Broken iphone - warranty and insurance considerations before you buyEveryone feels that rush of pride when they pull the wrap off their brand new shiny iPhone. Although you’d do anything to avoid it, you know it’s going to get take a few lumps from daily life, and a few dings, scratches, and slow-loading apps are inevitable. If you’re one of the many owners out there who is considering getting a little extra protection for your treasured Apple device, here are 3 quick facts you should keep in mind while shopping for an iPhone warranty:

1.     Apple’s Official Extended Warranty Only Covers Hardware Defects

While it may always seem like a good idea to check with the 1st party manufacturer before searching elsewhere, this is one case where that’ll definitely cost you more money. If you get Apple’s traditional extended warranty after the first year of your iPhone, you’ll still just be covered for hardware and manufacturing defects. That means accidents, theft, and more won’t be covered.


Apple does offer an upgraded warranty for $99, which will cover you for certain accidents—but you’ll still need to shell out $49 per fix, and that’s in addition to the hundred dollars to keep your warranty going. There are a variety of 3rd party insurers that can offer you better protection at a cheaper rate. Including us! We’d be honored if you’d consider us as your iPhone insurance provider.


2.     Make Sure Your New Warranty Covers Water Damage

According to an askmen.com article, the most common accident that will prematurely end your iPhone’s life is water or liquid damage. This is particularly distinctive and easy to spot, so even if you had any other problems with your phone, if an inspection finds water damage then they’ll most likely go with that as the main cause, meaning you’ll be parting ways with another $600 for a replacement. If you want to avoid this risk entirely, make sure to go with a policy that will cover this type of disaster.


3.     Keep In Mind What Your iPhone’s Natural Lifespan Is

Like a kid growing up, most of us never want to admit that things will change. But even though you may have sworn an eternal oath to never leave your iPhone’s side, your device has a shorter-term relationship in mind. You can get a lot of use out of your phone, but one day it’s going to quit for good, and you should plan your warranty coverage accordingly.


If you’re someone who’s looking to upgrade every 1-2 years anyway, then you probably don’t need an extended warranty for hardware defects. What you want is an insurance policy that will cover you if you drop your phone down four flights of stairs, or come out of a store to find broken glass glistening on your car seat and an empty cup holder where your iPhone was supposed to be. These things will shorten your device’s lifespan much more dramatically than a gradual hardware malfunction, so if you’re someone who normally takes great care of your gadgets, your main concerns are the above threats.


If you’re interested in getting a little extra protection for your iPhone, then check us out! For $7.99 a month, you’ll be protected from theft, cracked screens, water damage, and a host of other mishaps.


Photo via CameronParkins on Flickr

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