3 Holiday Safety Tips Renters Need to Remember

Holiday is the time of merry-making: parties, decorating, cooking, and of course, holiday vacation with family and friends. With the many splendid moments that this festive season brings, it may be unavoidable to experience some unwanted circumstances in your rental home or apartment if you don’t take a few proper precautions. We have put together a few tips and measures you should undertake to stay safe this holiday season:


  1. Whenever you leave, remember to always make sure that your property is safe from theft by keeping your doors and windows locked.
  2. Always unplug your Christmas tree and turn off other inside holiday lights when you’re not home. There are circumstances in which your Christmas lights may cause a spark, causing your whole house to be in danger of fire. This also goes the same with the other electronics, especially when you cook that big Thanksgiving Turkey and you forgot to turn off the oven.
  3. If temps get too low, take the proper precautionary measures with your pipes. It may be possible that your pipe bursts unexpectedly while you are celebrating New Year’s Eve with your grandparents. Everything can happen unpredictably and this can cause a major disaster not only to your property, but to your wallet as well. Before leaving for vacation, be sure to use timed lights to discourage burglars. You can also ask your neighbors or your local police department to check your property while you are gone.


Of course if any unfortunate event were to occur, there is affordable renters insurance that covers many of these different disasters. One of the most common coverage of renters insurance is protection from damage and theft. Your property may be damaged by thieves, fire, wind or water from various causes and it may cost you a great deal of money. Protect yourself this holiday season and all year ‘round by considering affordable Renters Insurance with us at Protect Your Bubble today. For more information, visit http://us.protectyourbubble.com/renters-insurance/ today.

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